My Two Cent's

The NFL draft is finally upon us. Dolphin fans cannot come to a consensus on what position we need to draft with the 8th pick; some of the positions that are being considered for the 8th pick are: Quarterback, Pass Rusher, Guard, and now even a Defensive Tackle. I’m not even going to take the Defensive Tackle position seriously for us at the 8th pick; it would be the pinnacle of ignorance and stupidity for Jeff Ireland to draft a DT with the 8th pick when we already are solid at DT.
Some fans would not mind a Guard for the 8th pick, this is not a slight at David DeCastro but we don’t need a right guard for the 8th pick even if he is elite. What we need is a pass rusher or a quarterback, but which one do we choose. Every dolphin fan knows that the phins have not taken a Quarterback in the 1st round since Dan Marino; I think most fans just want a 1st round Quarterback WAY MORE than they want Ryan Tannehill. Is Ryan Tannehill elite? Who knows, is Ryan Tannehill the next Dan Marino? Highly doubt it. Is Ryan Tannehill a franchise QB? He Might be.
Quinton Coples is the top pass rusher in the draft; but, scouts say he has issues with his work ethic. To be fair scouts said the same thing about Vontae Davis and don’t forget Jimmy Wilson. All I care about is whether or not Coples is elite? Yes he is. Coples is comparable to the top pass rushers in the league; Julius Peppers, Mario Williams, and Aldon Smith—SF 2011 1st round draft pick. I can’t be objective because I like pass rushers way more than quarterbacks.
So I’ll give one objective statement: an ELITE quarterback is FAR MORE IMPORTANT to the future of a franchise than an ELITE pass rusher. Coples is elite but is Tannehill elite? Not in my opinion.
My plan would be to draft Coples and see how things fall line…
Just my two cents