Oooh The possibilities!!

Regardless of whether you want General Manager Jeff Ireland to be fired or not, you have to be licking your chops at the possibilities upcoming on April 26th, and whether you like the man or not as a recruiter, he is superior at talent evaluation than most, and makes his money on draft day. Whether your a fan of the ellusive first round QB's or you want beef on the right side of the offensive line, OR you want another great pass rusher or talent at the WR position, the fact of the matter is, if you think about it no actual direction that Ireland goes in the draft can be wrong.

Now in my mind the BEST thing for the Dolphins to do is trade down, and how is that possible? The meteoric rise of WR Michael Floyd. He can go as high as the seventh pick and the buzz surrounding him is almost deafening, think an even bigger buzz than Alabama's Julio Jones, who Atlanta gave up a coup for. Even If someone trades up earlier to get him that would probably mean that Justin Blackmon might be available so someone might want him bad enough as well. Trading down would validate picking Tannehill with a mid round pick if that's Tannehill is ultimately who the team wants, and give a positive spin to our draft stock in later years.