Real Talk for some Dolphins Fans

I am reading what many Dolphins fans are saying on Twitter and various Dolphins message boards and its time to put some of you Fin Fans in line. Some of you are going to learn a little something here so listen up real good.

1) On the subject of Ryan Tannehill; Dolphins fans Calm the Hell Down! Seriously, some of you are blowing a gasket and overreacting about this player. Let's clear a few things up...a) He HAD a 2nd round grade, he currently has a 1st round grade. Meaning if Miami takes him in Rd 1 it isn't some huge reach. Hell, even Dan Marino said if you think he is the guy to lead you going forward its ok to reach a little on that position. The blessing has come from the patron saint of Miami Dolphins football, is that good enough for ya?

b) If Miami doesn't take Tannehill then next year I don't want to hear any Dolphins fans crying when they part with 2 or 3 first round picks and a 2nd round pick or two when they have to move up and take a QB and that QB might be a lesser talent than Tannehill. Don't think it can happen, here is out it COULD play out and the scenario that the Dolphins must avoid.

Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin are paid to win games and build a winning franchise. To them it is a giant game of chess in which they must think "BIG PICTURE" and think 3 or 4 moves ahead. They are paid to play the "WHAT IF" game when building this team and cover all bases. After this year Matt Moore and David Garrard are free agents. They can both walk and Miami can do little to stop them. So, even if Matt Moore has a big year, he can flip the Fins the bird as he goes and signs with another team. Let's be honest, Miami has tried to replace Moore about 10 times this offseason, I am pretty sure Moore would love to leave Miami. Moore is also a "west coast" guy who lives out there and was born and raised out there, a chance to go closer to home he would also relish. Next years free agent QB class is weak, check that its awful! Nobody to sign that would step in and help not to mention Miami can't land a big free agent anyway, so scratch that avenue of landing a capable QB off the list. Now, say the Fins finish 7-9 or 8-8 this year. They got a real easy schedule (NFC West and AFC South) so its very possible. That would mean they are picking between 12-15 next year in the 2013 draft. Assume a couple teams at the top of the draft need a QB and won't trade down. Assume a couple other teams will also want to trade up to possibly get a QB. That means Miami with only Pat Devlin under contract would have to trade the farm to move up and get probably at best the 3rd or 4th best QB in the 2013 draft class because then they need a QB out of necessity. It also means any team Miami is trading with knows Miami is desperate and would rape the Fins in any trade since Miami has no leverage. Also that means any such player Miami drafts at QB next year, whether it be a Top 10 pick or Top 40 pick might not have the luxury to sit, watch, and learn like Tannehill will have this year if Miami takes him. They might be forced into action from day one. Not to mention that player you are trading up for might be a worse prospect than Tannehill. Oh by the way if you were curious, many draft experts (McShay, Mayock..etc) have stated that Tannehill currently has a higher grade than any QB in the 2013 draft class will next year. Also, Bob Papa on SIRIUS NFL Radio said multiple scouts have told him on Tannehill that they haven't seen someone throw that well "on the run" since Aaron Rodgers and he has a lot of the traits of a young Aaron Rodgers.

Watch this video people.....

now replace the names Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish with the names Dan Marino, Don Shula, and The Marks Brothers. They aren't walking through that door people. They aren't coming back!  The time to STOP dreaming about the next Dan Marino falling in our laps is now! It's over, it's history, time to move on! Get a grip on REALITY Dolphins fans! Some of you don't want to take any risk on drafting a QB and want to hold out for the next sure thing/Hall of Fame QB to drop from the sky in our lap. It ain't happening! I love when people say Tannehill is the next Ryan Leaf. Yep, he may be. And maybe Coples, Ingram, or Cox are the next Vernon Gholston! There is risk with any draft pick! You can't live in fear of that!

We don't need Ryan Tannehill or Brandon Weeden to be the next Marino.If they are the next Joe Flacco or Tony Romo or Big Ben that is good enough!

Mike Mayock made a point a few weeks back and he is 100% correct. The QB position is so important that it pushes everyone up the draft board. Guys with 1st and 2nd round grades go in Rd 1 (last year perfect example of Locker and Ponder going Top 12.) Quarterbacks with 3rd, 4th, and 5th round grades go in Round 2. That is why there are so many BUST QB's drafted in Round 2. Because they aren't anywhere near a 2nd round grade. Guys like Andy Dalton are the exception and not the rule. Drew Brees was a 2nd round pick damn near 10+ years ago, pointing to that as an example is weak as the league has changed since then. If you as a Dolphins fan are upset that drafting Tannehill means he has to sit one year, just think drafting someone in round 2 or 3 means they might have to sit two or three years!

At the end of the day I don't know if Ryan Tannehill will be any good, and I won't be pissed if Miami passes on him. I trust Philbin/Sherman/Ireland on this call at QB. But the insane logic some of you are using to not take him and are working yourself up into a frenzy over it has become downright silly. 

2) Omar Kelly, just stop! Please just stop. A few weeks back I wrote an open letter on this website to Adam Schein of SNY and SIRIUS NFL Radio. Calling him out on his BS and nonsense he was spewing on his SIRIUS NFL RADIO show about the Miami Dolphins. Adam actually responded, said he liked the article and softened his stance on a few points I made. We had a nice interaction and found some common ground. I didn't totally change his mind on some issues but he saw the opposing point of view a bit more clear. I don't have the energy to write an open letter to Omar, but he said maybe one of the dumbest things I have ever read the other day. I get ESPN the Magazine in the mail the other day and it has a mock draft. Each pick in round 1 who Kiper thinks will get picked, who McShay thinks, and who the "local beat-writer" thinks. Omar says..."Miami will pick Tannehill if he's available. This might be a bit too high for him, but this team needs a QB to appease a fickle fan base." What F'n world is Omar Kelly living in? Appease the fan base? SERIOUSLY? You think Ross and Ireland are trying to appease the fan base? If this franchise was trying to appease the fan base they wouldn't have had 4pm home games the past few years when every Dolphins fan told them it was stupid they wanted 1pm home games because it helped the team with home field advantage and the heat. If they were trying to appease the fan base they wouldn't have had "GATOR DAY" when Denver came to town last year and everyone told them it was stupid. If they were trying to appease the fan base Ross would have just gave Fisher, Harbaugh, and Peyton Manning a blank check and said fill in the number! If they were trying to appease the fan base they would have paid Matt Flynn a couple more pennies instead of low-balling him and offering him back-up QB money. Nothing Ross or Ireland have done are moves that are done with the sole purpose to appease the fan base and what in god's name would give anyone the notion that it would start this Thursday with the 8th pick of the draft!

Now on to the word "fickle." The Dolphins fan base is fickle? Not even close Omar. They Dolphins fan base has been screaming and hollering for a franchise quarterback for over 10 years now. That's pretty consistent if you ask me! Nothing "FICKLE" about it! 

I always say this about Omar; I love Omar and the time and effort he puts in his work. He is a hard worker, maybe the hardest working beat-writer I have come across ever and is dedicated to his job covering the Fins.  But when he say's something stupid I have to call him on it. And he said one of the stupidest things I have ever read.


  1. So you're saying Tannehill is a better prospect than Matt Barkley? Look, I don't mind if the Dolphins pick him, but if they do, I would hope it's because Philbin/Sherman/Ireland felt like he is the guy that can be a quality QB that can lead this team for the next 10+ seasons, not because Ross is throwing his weight around and demands a QB. That's what happens when you get rumor mill reporters writing crap and that is what Florio is.

  2. Yes, he is a better prospect than Barkley. I am not saying it the "scouts" and "experts" are

  3. In what way Tannehill is a better prospect than Barkley? Maybe he has a higher ceiling, but I don't believe analysts think he's a better prospect right now. You are very welcome to prove me wrong.

  4. Sherman knows him better than anyone, is he going to bat for him? Weeden looks better for a now qb, not later qb.


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