Stephen Ross Pushing For Tannehill is reporting that sources are now saying Stephen Ross is pushing for Ryan Tannehill. Another report is claiming Ross has actually handed Jeff Ireland a copy of his draft chart. Interesting to say the least but this is the guy who signs the checks and at least he is trying to make the effort to get the guy he wants.

Even though I am still 50/50 on taking Tannehill I really can see many reasons Miami would take him with their first round pick if they have the chance. The chemistry with Sherman,taking a quarterback in the first round something that has not been done since taking Dan Marino and then trying to please a disgruntled fan base, ticket sales, etc.

With a few sources also throwing out that Reiff will not even be a consideration chances of Tannehill  landing South Beach are looking pretty good at the moment with  players like Blackmon, Coples,or even Ingram off the board by Miami's pick  Tannehill could very well be the call come this Thursday.

UPDATE: Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is reporting that a very high placed source in the Dolphins organization is saying this story about Ross pushing for Ryan Tannehill is 100% false.