Garrard shines Day 1 of OTA's

Izzy Gould of the Sun Sentinel reports day 1 of the OTA's in the QB battle went to David Garrard. Garrard looked crisp, made solid throws, quick decisions, and had a firm grasp of the offense. Tannehill was good but looked like a rookie at times and the speed of the game got to him a few times. Matt Moore was, well Matt Moore. Not bad but not great.

You know Garrard wants to make Ross eat his words from yesterday. Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post had this quote from Garrard today who didn't like Ross's proclimation yesterday. "That's just more fuel for me," said Garrard, 34. "That's somebody else I've got to prove wrong. But the owner is the owner. I'm never going to dispute him, but I'll just let my play on the field show what I can do."