Noticable difference that the coaching has improved for the Dolphins

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting that Stephen Ross is liking what he is seeing and hearing from Dolphins camp thus far. That he is getting a lot of positive feedback about what is going on with and around the team. Jackson had this to say in his column today.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has noticed a shift in sentiment: “With Jeff Ireland, now you see people are recognizing, maybe the guy did have a plan! Maybe we did do something right!”
Conversations with players have convinced Ross the coaching has improved: “Everything I hear from the players is, ‘This is different. We’re happy with what’s going on.’” And this is the first time I’ve been able to have my imprint on the team. I inherited an awful lot of what Wayne [Huizenga] did.”… The Dolphins are among a handful of teams that have been receiving consideration to appear on HBO’s Hard Knocks training camp series.

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