Reggie Bush makes "Nazi" reference; NFL fine or punishment looming?

Once again an athlete using Twitter without thinking and saying something really stupid! Reggie Bush made a NAZI reference on Twitter Saturday then when the negative backlash came from many fans who found the comment offensive, Reggie called everyone a bunch of crybabies and said he would FedEx them tissues and then took the tweet down. has the story. CLICK HERE to read the quote and about the incident. Also, what will the possible fallout of this be? Will Roger Goodell pass out some sort of punishment on this matter? The league can't have a player who represents them using this kind of language on a public forum like Twitter. My guess a very large fine might be coming Reggie's way. I would also hope the Dolphins step in and pass out some form of punishment as well on this matter. Not a good look for this franchise to have one of its star players speaking like this.


  1. I would agree with RB that it was a joke. I don't think anyone should worry about insulting a Nazi. Lighten up Frances!

  2. dparla's comment is even more stupid than RB's original tweet: He's nut insulting a Nazi, he's insulting Germans. And in case you don't get it: That's not exactly the same! greetz/bosch


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