Thank You Fans

Just want to take a minute to thank all of you fans for making the month of April the biggest and most successful month in history! Also we would like to thank the all of you that participated in our Draft Contest of the best "Miami Dolphins Man-Cave." The response to that contest was huge and much larger than we expected.

As continues to be the fastest growing Miami Dolphins dedicated BLOG/Fan-Site on the internet we appreciate all the support we have gotten from you the readers. We also appreciate the way many of you help spread the word of the site on twitter, facebook, and other various places in social media. We will continue to provide the best commentary concerning the Miami Dolphins and continue to have some of the most "fair" and "honest" analysis of the Miami Dolphins on the internet.

While May through July is often seen as a "DEAD TIME" in the NFL universe we will be working hard in these months to continue to provide you with video, commentary, and analysis on the Dolphins. Just because the news might be slower and fewer and further in-between from now until the beginning of training camp we here at will continue to provide daily updates on anything and everything concerning the Dolphins.

We once again thank all of our loyal visitors for supporting this site and helping it grow at a rapid pace and all I can say to you right now is; YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET! And the best is yet to come from!