Anthony Fasano NOT a fan of HBO Hard Knocks

Dolphins Tight End (at least for 1 more year) Anthony Fasano was on SIRIUS/XM Radio today and said when the news was given to the Dolphins that they would be on HBO Hard Knocks that there were groans in the room. Fasano went on to say he isn't a real fan of the Dolphins being on the show.

With that said I just want to say, who cares? Seriously, some of the players groaning probably won't even be on the team this year or are guys like Fasano who are being phased out of this franchise as he enters the last year of his contract. This just in, the Dolphins most likely aren't winning the Super Bowl this upcoming year (and if you seriously think they are, then go place a big bet in Vegas and set yourself up for life). Doing Hard Knocks was about getting some positive press around this organization. Letting people know all the "negativity" and "stories" out there about the Fins aren't necessarily true. The Dolphins doing Hard Knocks is a necessary evil. It needed to be done and if the likes of Anthony Fasano don't like it, well then too bad. There is a reason this organization drafted Charles Clay and Michael Egnew the last 2 years. Read the writing on the wall Fasano.