Brandon Marshall Still Crazy!

I know he isn't on the Dolphins anymore so I won't spend a lot of time on this but it is worth mentioning because this story sums up Brandon Marshall and his craziness in a nutshell.

Brandon invites a Chicago newspaper reporter to live with him for a few days in Florida. When the guy arrives Brandon tells him no questions and no pictures. He takes the guy golfing at a ritzy golf course and plays the holes out of order and quits after 14 holes. Brandon begins comparing himself to JFK...(yes the president) in a roundabout way.Then in the end Brandon turns on the reporter and verbally attacks the story and calling it a scumbag piece and ignores the man. Pretty much the same ole, same ole with Brandon Marshall. CLICK HERE to read the entire saga. 


  1. And there are people still upset that Miami traded him...


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