Former Dolphins D-linemen Merling lands in Green Bay

Former Dolphins BUST draft pick Philip Merling who spent 4 years in Tony Sparano's dog-house while he was in Miami has landed with the Green Bay Packers according to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal SentinelMerling who in Miami was always the last one to arrive and the first one to leave, constantly overweight, being a dog in practice and never giving a full effort, arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend, and someone who put in little to no extra work on his own now says he is taking football more seriously.

And a quote that should scare the hell out of all Packers fans is this... “You start to put things in perspective and football is important to me. I’m going to do my best to continue to keep playing the game.”

To me he sounds like a guy who is only playing for a paycheck. He says football is "important to him"  and "I'm going to do my best keep playing the game."   ME ME ME ME ME! That's all I am hearing. And reading between the lines is a nice way of saying he needs football to make money.

So happy he is out of Miami. Best of luck GB trying to turn this nut-case around.