Ochocinco Worth a Shot?

The Dolphins will be bringing Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson in for a workout this coming week. Browsing the internet forums to gauge how fans feel about this, I have seen everything from full support to the idea to a few suggestions that HBO is behind this idea. While I'm sure it wouldn't hurt HBO's Hard Knocks ratings, I don't they are behind this!

My first thoughts were, we just got rid of one diva, headache WR, why bother with Ochocinco? He is older than Brandon Marshall and likely less effective. Then again, Marshall was only effective when he was catching passes, not dropping them which he seemed to do more often than not.

Last season was one of Ochocinco's worst statistical seasons. If you're a receiver and you can't put up good numbers with Tom Brady throwing to you, how effective can you really be with Matt Moore, David Garrard or rookie Ryan Tannehill throwing to you? That was another one of my thoughts. Well, maybe he just didn't connect with Brady? Maybe there was no comfort level between the two?

One thing that Marshall brings a lot of that Ochocinco doesn't is baggage. While Ochocinco is a motor mouth, he's never really been in any trouble. With Marshall, you've got all the domestic violence stuff, him beating his wife, her stabbing him and so forth. You've got his bipolar, his man love for Jay Cutler. It's always something with him. (Did I mention dropped passes yet?)

So what can a workout hurt? The guy is 34, so he's not what he used to be. But he also likely knows there won't be too many more opportunities out there so he might want to make the best of this one. Bring him in, work him out, bring him to camp. If he works out, great. If it doesn't...well, at least he didn't cost anything.


  1. His training regimen is near flawless. He put up good numbers with a beat up carson palmer. He had no time to learn a complicated system w patriots who btw didnt release him like the 49ers did braylon. He can play, hes a good teammate, he wants to play for miami, and hes hungry. Not to mention hes probably gonna clme at face value. I say pull the trigger


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