A Message from DolphinsTalk.com

Just wanted to write everyone a little something and let you know what is going on. The news for the past month or so has been very slow. Therefore we haven't been doing much updating or writing many opinion pieces. Well, that will change later this week when Dolphins training camp begins. Expect a flurry of news and updates here on the site. DolphinsTalk.com will be your source for all things Miami Dolphins again this season like it was last season.

We have made some staff changes here at the site. We had to let a few people go for a variety of reasons. But the core of the site is still in tact and we have made an outstanding addition of Dan Madison who has done some great work in the past couple weeks.

We also have something in the works with a new Dolphins blog-site that we will be announcing shortly as well. A working relationship that will enhance things for you our readers/fans.  Expect some sort of announcement on this front in the near future.

As always if you are interested in joining or writing for DolphinsTalk.com Feel free to email me at MOliva12@verizon.net . We are always looking to add quality people to our team.

So, just wanted to give everyone a little update. Hope everyone enjoyed their summer and YES, this week Football Season is finally here! Go Dolphins!