Adam Schefter: Garrard winning the QB job as of now

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that David Garrard currently has the lead in the QB competition to win the starting job over Matt Moore. Tannehill isn't in this competition as the Dolphins are going to bring him along slowly and don't want to rush him. That and the fact as he has struggled like most rookie QB's do in these early mini-camps. Slow out of the pocket and slow decision making. Yet, those that have seen Garrard in these mini-camps have said it doesn't look like he is a guy who has missed an entire season and he has played the best out of the 3 quarterbacks thus far.

Now, this report by no means Garrard has already won the jobs and a lot still to be determined in real training camp where there is contact and the bullets are flying for real.  Mini-camps are what they are, glorified workouts where guys in shorts run around and play two-hand touch. But if there is a god in heaven David Garrard will win the starting QB job and we have seen the last of Matt Moore under center in games that matter for the Miami Dolphins.