Fins-Tannehill in contract battle

The Dolphins management and Ryan Tannehill are in a contract battle that might go for a little while. The Miami Herald confirmed the report that the Dolphins are trying to add offset language in the deal that would get them off the hook if Tannehill is cut in the first 4 years of his deal.

To me the Dolphins are being penny wise and pound foolish. Prior to the draft everyone knew the Fins were reaching a little by taking Tannehill Top 10. He wasn't a Top 10 player but he played QB so you could justify reaching a little. I was on board with it as were many others. So, since you took him Top 10, pay him like a Top 10 draft pick and don't try any monkey business with his contract. Also, the point which has been made by Barry Jackson and Mike Florio is 100% true; that if Tannehill is cut within the first 4 years then the entire Dolphins regime of Ireland, Philbin...etc will all be fired anyway for this colossal mistake so why fight over pennies now?!

Time to pay Tannehill and have him there for Day 1 of camp.