Jared Odrick defends Penn St and JoePa (no seriously he does)

Dolphins defensive linemen Jared Odrick is penciled in as a starter this year on the Dolphins defense and is in store for a huge breakout year according to many. Since training camp has started though all anyone wants to talk to him about is Penn St as that is where he attended college. And instead of saying nothing or refusing to talk about it like many PSU alums in the NFL have decided to do, Odrick has gone on the offensive of defending JoePa and Penn St.

And Odrick, like most Penn St students, fans, and faculty you hear on the radio and see on TV, still miss the big picture and simply don't get it. Here is some of what Odrick had to say with my comments as to why Odrick is lost on this issue.

“It’s being upset over what happened and what didn’t happen … in some things that should have been done, but weren’t,” Odrick said. “But it’s tough to ignore all the good things Joe did. (Seriously Jared, you want to bring up all the good JoePa has done? So what, because he did good that makes him above the law? Ya know OJ Simpson was a good guy too and donated lots of money and time to charity's as well...and then he sliced his wife's head off along with a waiter's. Sometimes the bad outweighs the good.)
“I’m acknowledging that there was some negligence. I’m not ignoring that. But it’s woulda, coulda, shoulda. And people who have no relevancy or connection to Penn State need to look at the whole picture if they’re going to judge Joe.(Nice to see you are acknowledging there is some negligence, most PSU people still have their heads burred in the sand on that issue. Just like I don't need to be standing in Iraq or Afghanistan to know a war-zone is a dangerous place, I don't need to be standing in Pennsylvania on the Penn St campus to know there are some sick people there who for over a decade aided and abetted a pedophile. And when the Freeh report came out there is enough information for any sane and rational person to "Judge JoePa" so you can stop with the silly defense. JoePa=Scumbag!)
Jared is young and doesn't get it. He is 25 years old, barley lived life, and doesn't have kids and its clear he doesn't fully understand the seriousness of what happened. He is just upset that his football program is going in the crapper for many years now and he doesn't like that his school's name is being dragged through the mud. Which is why he should take a page from another Penn St grad on the Dolphins Cam Wake. Say nothing, don't comment on the situation. Jared has to understand he is trying to defend the indefensible and it is making him look foolish. And someone on the Dolphins need to tell him to say "NO COMMENT" when the Penn St situation comes up.