Philbin Unleashed

Joe Philbin went after Brian Biggane of the Palm Beach Post after he felt Biggane called him "disingenuous" and a "liar" in a blog he read on the paper's website. It started at the last mini-camp, which was mandatory, when Philbin said Brian Hartline wasn't there because of a "personal issue." In reality Hartline was getting an appendectomy. Biggane views a personal issue as a wedding, ill family member, something along those lines. He doesn't view surgery, (which he calls a medical issue to the player) as something that should have been covered up for lack of a better word. Biggane viewed it as deception by the first year head coach. Philbin took exception to being called disingenuous and a liar.

To me this is a little dust up over nothing but Philbin can't have a thin skin like this and should have just let it go without saying anything. He is a head coach of an NFL team now and if you are going to pick a fight with every reporter that goes after you or feels that has misquoted you then it is going to be a long season and you are going to burn yourself out real quick.