QB Outlook '12 (part 1 of 4): Matt Moore

This is my first post on this site so let me start with saying hello and that I am happy to be a part of the blog.  I hope to bring a perspective to the team that defies convention but maintains a sense of reason.

Unfortunately, I feel inclined to start out with something quite conventional by addressing the Dolphins' quarterback situation.  The problem is that I find a great deal of the perspectives out there to be a bit short sighted and presumptive.  I will try to evaluate the circumstances based only on what I know and what can be deducted with a high level of certainty.

First man up is Matt Moore!  I saw the same things that many of you may have seen from Moore last season.  On the good side, he came into a situation that was pitiful and with no real off season to speak of and managed to do some awfully good work.  For the first time in a long time I saw our team dominate opponents in blowout fashion.  He lead the team back to respectability when we were all thinking it might not be such a bad idea to pack it in and go for the #1 overall draft pick (AGAIN).  On the bad side, we saw some balls flutter and we saw a few last minute chances blown by either interceptions or sacks.

There is more good than that and more bad than that obviously, but I have to admit that once I looked at the big picture, I wondered why he was taking so much heat this off season.  I understood drafting a QB high.  I understood looking at quality free agents.  I understood not anointing him "the guy".  But I was surprised to hear so many people writing him off like some third stringer about to hit the waiver wire.  He played good, he is relatively cheap and he isn't a distraction so why not give him a shot and see what he can do with an actual off season?

The way I see it, Moore is up against a veteran QB trying to make a comeback, a rookie with lots of promise but not much experience and a practice squad guy trying to move up.  I have to say that his chances are pretty good.  Moore was voted team MVP from last year, so we know he has the respect of his team.  He has a body of work between Carolina and Miami that is mostly good.  He is still young enough that he can offer years of play time if for some reason he manages to light it up this year.  There are plenty of positives to consider.

But it isn't all roses.  Word is that he is a classic "gamer".  Coaches don't particularly like guys that don't look great at practice, it erodes their sense of trust.  Our new coaching staff may be nervous trusting last years film.  Plus, Moore's #1 target last year is gone and the question will be out there as to his ability to spread the ball around.  Lastly, nobody is sure how he fits into a west coast system.  His accuracy will be put to the test in this training camp and preseason to try and answer that question.

Ultimately, we have reason to believe that the preseason games are going to have a lot to do with Moore's chance at starting week one.  Even if he gets beat out, statistics on quarterback injuries would suggest he will see the field this year.  With Philbin's emphasis on faster offensive play, I think we will see an improvement in Moore's two minute and four minute situations.  But in the back of our mind, we will wonder how much of Matt Moore was made or hindered by the no longer present, Brandon Marshall.  This will be interesting to say the least.

Next up will be David Garrard.


  1. Very well written, thanks, look forward to other entries.


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