QB Outlook '12 (part 4 of 4): Pat Devlin

This one is going to be quick, so I am going to post it the same day as the post on Tannehill.  Check out Tannehill first if you haven't read it. 

Pat Devlin, for those who don't keep up, was on our practice squad last year and believe it or not there was even some excitement about his addition to the team until his lack luster performance in preseason.  I actually believe he is more important to the team than most would think.  Moore and Garrard are working on one year deals and it is likely that one or both of them won't be in Miami next season, so I believe Devlin has a solid shot at being the backup QB of the future for the Dolphins.  Don't under value backup quarterbacks, they are critical to team success.  These days you have to have a guy that can step in and win a couple of games because chances are that the starter won't start the entire year due to injury.

I hope Devlin is listening because I am essentially saying he has the second best chance at a long term career for the Dolphins out of all four quarterbacks (#1 is Tannehill, of course).  If he does well in camp, I am sure the coaching staff would rather keep a project like him for the backup position than to start over with another project.  If you pay attention to Philbin's interviews, you may notice that he is often careful to include Devlin's name when he discusses the quarterbacks.  It doesn't matter that the media is so narrow in their vision that the forget this detail.

So in short...  We have two QBs on one year deals and a future QB that is almost guaranteed to start next year.  Unless Garrard or Moore lights it up this year, they will both be gone next year.  That leaves us with Tannehill and Devlin, so you tell me if Devlin is just a camp arm.  

So that is it for the QB outlook in 2012.  Honestly, I think the position has now become OVER-rated, although it was under-rated for a long time.  I am looking forward to posting on topics that are more often overlooked in the future.  I just felt like I had to get that out of the way.