Ross on Ireland..."You take it one year at a time"

If Jeff Ireland wasn't already on the hot-seat, the owner has now spoken and has made it official. During today's press conference where Stephen Ross answered questions from the media, when the topic of Jeff Ireland came up, Ross had this to say (thanks too Barry Jackson's column in the Miami Herald)... "You take it one year at a time. I think we have a great team here and that's what I'm looking for... I'm committed to him. If I had any doubts, he wouldn't be here."

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Now if hew as "committed to him" would he be taking it one year at a time? I think not. We aren't idiots and can all read between the lines. Ireland is not safe, nor should he be. And for Ireland who just drafted his "franchise quarterback" in Round 1 but has been unable to sign him, that seat is getting hotter by the minute. Why this Tannehill contract isn't complete is mind-boggling and another black eye not only for Jeff Ireland but the entire Fins organization.

Tannehill isn't asking for anything out of the ordinary and just wants a regular deal but Ireland and the organization are playing games trying to essentially low-ball/screw over the guy they selected Top 10. For the record I have been a supporter of Jeff Ireland but its stuff like this that make it harder and harder to defend him. Sign Tannehill and lets move on. This game he is trying to play will fail, he knows it will fail, and he is only hurting himself and his job status.