Breaking News: Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence

The South Florida Sun Sentinel is reporting Miami Dolphins WR Chad Johnson has been arrested for Domestic Violence against his wife of one month. According to the report Chad Johnson head-butted his new wife in a vehicle while the two were having an argument. His wife, reality show nut-job, Evelyn Lazado, has cuts and lacerations on her forehead. According to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post the fight was over a receipt for a box of condoms. No, I am not making that up! UPDATE: Izzy Gould of the Sun-Sentinel is now reporting the incident didn't take place in a vehicle. That the two went out for dinner, they returned home and Evelyn found a receipt for a box of condoms. And an argument ensued.

In my opinion the Chad Johnson "act" has already worn out it's welcome in Miami and its only August 11th! Just because he replaced Brandon Marshall in the lineup doesn't mean he had to replace him with the off the field drama and antics.  It is another black eye for this franchsie who in recent years has had Ricky Williams and his pot smoking debacle, Brandon Marshall and hid laundry list of antics/arrests, Koa Misi and his arrest this offseason, Philip Merling beat up his pregnant girlfriend, Tony McDaniel beat up his girlfriend in his driveway in Broward County, a DUI from Ronnie Brown for driving on the wrong side of the road in Georgia and a DUI by Will Allen where he was passed out at red light behind the wheel. I am sure I am missing others as well but those are the headliners. It's no shock that while the worst years in Miami Dolphins history have coincided with these clowns being a part of this franchise and their off the field behavior. 

Honestly anyone who didn't see this coming is very naive. Chad's wife, Evelyn Lazado, is a whackjob among whackjobs. Queen of the whackjobs if you will. Now, that doesn't mean she deserved to be head-butted in a car, but "drama" and "bad news" follows this girl around everywhere she goes. She is an "attention whore" of the highest degree. Anyone who knows her history knows this story isn't shocking. While it doesn't excuse anything Chad did, it's not surprising whatever happened with him she was right in the middle of it. And I am sure VH1 Cameras have this entire thing on tape.

Chad Johnson is an old WR on his last legs in the NFL as his career is winding down. No team or coach should have to put up with this nonsense from anyone, let alone someone who is lucky to still be in the league. It's not like there were a bunch of teams knocking down Chad's door this past offseason. 

If the Dolphins have any backbone or pride they will cut Chad Johnson tomorrow. But this is the NFL and they probably won't. Miami would have nothing to lose if they cut Chad Johnson ASAP and brought in Plaxico Burress. In fact I wouldn't be shocked in the least if that is an idea being kicked around Davie, FL tonight in the wake of this news.

P.S...Chad must have missed this commercial while playing his FIFA video game

UPDATE: Here is a picture of Chad's Mugshot from tonight