Bucs vs Fins Tonight at 7:30; Where to Watch!

The first preseason game is tonight as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to town to face the Miami Dolphins. A battle of rookie NFL head coaches with Joe Philbin vs Greg Schiano. I have been receiving a lot of emails and tweets from people asking "WHERE CAN I WATCH THE GAME? WHERE CAN I WATCH THE GAME?"

Well, for those of you who don't live in South Florida you can watch the game live at NFL.com. At NFL.com you can watch EVERY (yes EVERY) NFL Preseason game LIVE for only $19.95. CLICK HERE TO BUY. The streaming video feed is very high quality so don't worry about it cutting out or being choppy and grainy. They also archive each game so if you can't catch it tonight or have to leave halfway through for some reason, you can watch it anytime you want. If you can't sleep and its 3am, log-in and watch the game. If you won't have any free time till Sunday, log on then and watch it. You get the drift. For the best quality that is your best bed. I mean the Fins play 4 preseason games. It costs $20 for the package. So, it comes out to $5 a game, can't beat that deal!

The NFL Network also replays EVERY preseason game. The TB-Miami game is scheduled to air Sunday Morning at 7:30 am on NFL NETWORK.

For those of you looking for a "free video stream" somehow, hey I understand. Those sites are out there and if you hunt you can easily find one. Follow me on twitter at @DolphinsTalk and if I come across one during the game of if I get notified of one I will TWEET out the link for ya.