Chad Johnson Drama continues

Need a break from Miami Dolphins "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" news after the last preseason game. Let's talk some Chad Johnson drama. The video below is an interview of a publicist who worked at VH1 with T.O. and his reality show and knew Chad Johnson some. She is supporting Chad and believes that any domestic violence would have probably been initiated by Evelyn Lozada. There is also a clip of Evelyn from her trashy TV show saying to Chad that he has permission to cheat on him as long as he uses condoms and tells her about it. Look like Chad took her up on that offer!

Also it is being reported that Chad broke the "no contact" court order and has made contact with Evelyn. Such a violation could put Chad in jail for a while. CLICK HERE to read about that.


  1. That publicist was probably on the receiving end of one of those comdums!!


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