Change is Coming to the WR group

Coming to Miami? 
As of Monday morning here is where we stand with the current Dolphins WR position. Essentially what Mike Sherman said the other day to the press everyone took as a funny one-liner but it actually is 100% true. Only Davone Bess is safe. Yes, we are one week away from the start of the season and the organization has only l WR on the roster they like to make this team. Brian Hartline is making steps towards getting on the field but is also near that drop dead date of where he will have to play or be placed on IR to open a roster spot up. This team can't afford to have an unhealthy Brian Hartline take up a roster spot if he is weeks away. This team doesn't have that luxury. You can though expect the team to keep 1,2, or all 3 of  Jeff Fuller, Rishard Matthews, and BJ Cunningham on the practice squad.

What we do know is that Plaxico Burress and Terrell Owens are not being considered according to Omar Kelly from the Sun-Sentinel. We do know that the Packers have 7 legit NFL WR's and some young up and comers in that group which might make Donald Driver and James Jones expendable. Philbin would most likely love to have both in South Florida. Don't forget if Jones is cut he has to go through waivers which means another team can grab them before Miami. Meaning if the Fins want him they will have to part with some draft picks or a player. This morning another team loaded with WR's started making moves. The Patriots cut Donte' Stallworth and rumors are out there that they are on the verge of cutting Deion Branch and Jabar Gaffney as well. Gaffney is actually an idea fit for the Dolphins offense and many were surprised the Fins didn't make a play for him this offseason when he was a free agent. Back to Stallworth, he is a resident of South Florida and did serve his house arrest in South Florida a few years back. That probably is a red flag that would scare the image conscious Dolphins away but he hasn't been in trouble since and the team is desperate.

Yes with all the extra draft picks Miami has making a huge splash for Mike Wallace in a trade with Pittsburgh would make this fan base very happy. Problem is they also have to pay Mike Wallace and that would create a domino effect in which 3 or 4 other players would be released. And if this is a rebuilding year, why part with picks for Mike Wallace when in 7 months you can just sign him and also keep the picks. Same goes for Dwayne Bowe. Remember on Bowe, he grew up in Miami. Won a state national title for a high school in Miami and has said he would love to return home to play professionally. Come March when he will be a free agent, would he give the Dolphins a hometown discount to return home? Possibly, hell probably. So, why part with picks now to get him if this is a rebuilding year? Makes little sense.

Whatever happens it is probably going to happen really quick so keep coming here to for the latest and follow me on Twitter at @DolphinsTalk