Dawn Aponte gets Promotion

The Miami Dolphins announced on her website that they have promoted Dawn Aponte and Ryan Herman. Aponte (Stephen Ross's first official hire as Dolphins owner) is now the Executive VP of Football Administration. Herman is now Manager of Football Administration.

I have made no bones about my dislike for Aponte in previous blogs here on the site. Most of the world just got to know her this past Tuesday as a "spooky voice" on the other end of a telephone saying something along the lines of  Ryan Tannehill isn't budging in his contract talks and is prepared to re-enter the draft, yadda yadda. Aponte worked for the Jets for 15 years, the league for 3 years, and then the Cleveland Browns before coming to Miami. From sources I have talked to her approach behind the scenes isn't often liked by her co-workers and her track record isn't also that stellar.