Dolphins-Panthers Highlights (err Lowlights)

Joe has a big job in front of him with this roster
If you missed the Dolphins-Panthers game last night, well you didn't miss much! Ryan Tannehill got sacked a bunch as the o-line wasn't good. Jonathan Martin was especially bad and needs a lot of work. Tannehill did lead one very nice TD drive where he converted three times on 3rd and long situations. The drive ended in a touchdown and he probably locked up the starting QB position for himself short of having a disaster next Friday night vs Atlanta. On defens the Dolphins had roughly $100+ million on the bench in street clothes with no Cam Wake, Karlos Dansby, and Kevin Burnett. Therefore juding the defense for their play last night would be a total waste of time. Seriously, no team is two deep on defense across the board so don't panic with last nights defensive performance. For those of you who missed the game CLICK HERE to see the highlights.