Fins have showed interest in Plaxico Burress

Drew Rosenhaus in a USA TODAY article said his client, Plaxico Burress, has received interest from the Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, and the Tennessee Titans. There is also an ESPN report that the Cowboys have talked about bringing in Plaxico as well and are kicking the tires a bit.  While Plaxico is training in South Florida not one NFL team has followed up or invited his client in for a workout. Burress will turn 35 years old on Sunday and it is believed that once an injury or two take place some team will come calling for him. Or come Week 2 of the regular season when contracts are no longer "fully guaranteed" to any player you add to the roster a team might then bite on Plaxico. When talking about a contract Rosenhaus said..."The contract won't be an issue," Rosenhaus said. "We will find a way to make it work." 

If I am the Miami Dolphins I don't know if Plaxico can really help this WR unit. What does he give that you can't get out of Roberto Wallace? Not to mention with Wallace he can play special teams where Plaxico can't. Let's also be honest, Plaxico, like Braylon Edwards, is another guy with a laundry list of off the field problems and can you trust him in South Florida and the nightlife of Miami?  I don't know and that is the gamble. I mean if Joe Philbin is upset about Chad Johnson using the "F" word his head might explode if he has to deal with Plaxico Burress and all of the baggage and drama he brings with him.