Garrard, Tannehill....NO MOORE!

As the Dolphins training camp is now fully under way the three-way dance at quarterback is starting to take shape and we can sort of see where things are headed. As we head into the week of the first preseason game the picture is becoming more clear. Thus far in the early stages of camp David Garrard has been a nice surprise. Matt Moore has been a bit of a disappointment. And Ryan Tannehill has played well and at the very least calmed the nerves of the faction of Fin Fans who were upset that the organization drafted him. While this QB competition might not exactly be Montana vs Young, Simms vs Hostetler, or Brady vs Bledsoe it is treat for Dolphins fans to have multiple capable bodies under contract at this position.

Let's start by looking at David Garrard. What you get with David Garrard is what Miami got from Chad Pennington in 2008. Someone who isn't going to win you games by himself, but he won't lose you the game either. If the team loses with him under center odds are it won't be because of mistakes he is making. David is a "professional" NFL QB, a leader of men, and someone who won't shrink when the moments get big. From all reports, national and local, it seems like Garrard has all but cemented himself to be the Week 1 starter for this team vs Houston. Of course that could change but as of now Garrard is like Michael Phelps with a lead in a pool. Yeah he could blow it but odds are he won't.

Now, many of you who have been with us here at since day one know I am not a big Matt Moore fan. He is a nice little player but nothing more than a career back-up. He had his moments last year vs bad teams but he also came up very very small against good teams and in big moments. He is a lackluster NFL quarterback and nothing more than a marginal NFL back-up quarterback. Don't get me wrong he did earn the right to compete for this job after what he did last year for this team. From the early reports Matt hasn't been anything to write home about thus far in camp. Matt uses the excuse "he has always been a bad practice player" and while that might be true, that line isn't going to fly with Philibin, the fans, or this organization. Not when he is competing with two other players. Not when at Saturday's scrimmage Moore "SPIKED THE BALL" on 4th down to kill the clock. Hello, it was 4th down!!  Let me bottom line this for Matt Moore and the few Matt Moore fans out there; when Joe Philbin says he wants to have his starting quarterback decided by the 3rd preseason game, I believe him. Meaning Moore better have the preseason games of his life this upcoming Friday and the Friday after. Otherwise I think he will lose the job and probably his roster spot. More on that in a bit.

Last but not least let's talk about the man who brings a small smile to all Dolphins fans eyes these days when his name is mentioned. Ryan Tannehill. Opps, or as the fans were chanting at Satruday's scrimmage "Ryan Tannchise" (aka the Franchise.)  The praise coming his way has been steady since he got to camp. Former NFL QB and now SIRIUS/XM Radio host Rich Gannon sat in on a Dolphins QB meeting last week and said he was shocked at how vocal, poised, and confident Tannehill was in the meeting and on the field. That its rare to see a rookie act that way Gannon said. Everyone who saw the scrimmage on Saturday said Ryan Tannehill played the best out of all the quarterbacks. I don't care what string defense he was going up against either, that is a weak excuse people. From Peter King to Omar Kelly and everyone in-between its been nothing but rave reviews and they all have been impressed from what they have seen out of Tannehill thus far. Will he start Week 1? Probably not. Should he? Well if he earns it, I have no problem letting him take his lumps this year. But I still say bring him along slow. Don't screw this up. Let's do it right. There should be no rush.

How do I see this playing out? Well from all the information I have seen and heard and from some people I have talked to close to the organization I think David Garrard has the job to lose. Not breaking news there, I know. I expect when all is said and done though that Ryan Tannehill will be the #2 and the back-up. And I think Matt Moore's time in Miami is over. He is in the final year of his deal. The team can save $2.75 mill if they cut him. Or maybe a team in need of a back-up QB (ie Green Bay or Pittsburgh with the Big Ben injury) gives up a 6th or 7th round draft pick for him. Or maybe Miami can send him to Green Bay and do  Matt Moore for James Jones swap. Something along those lines. I don't know. But I think Matt Moore better get the FOR SALE sign ready because his time in Miami appears to be all but over.