Give the Devil his Due

I won't sit here and defend Jeff Ireland but he did pull off a big one this weekend and as more details are coming out all I can say is WOW! Once you read Armando Salugero's article this morning you realize that Jeff just punched the Colts in the nose, took their lunch money, and laughed in their face.

According to Armando here is how the trade played out. For starters Miami did not have Vontae Davis on the trade block. This was initiated by the Colts 100%.  The Colts called Miami asking about Vontae knowing he had lost his starters job and made an initial offer to Miami for Vontae Davis that was only a 6th round pick. Jeff told Indy he wasn't interested in moving Vontae and declined the offer. A day later the Colts came calling again upping the offer to a 5th round pick. Once again, Jeff said he wasn't interested in trading Vontae. Indy waited a few days and then called Jeff again and said they were willing to give up a 3rd round draft pick. Apparently this got Jeff's attention, as it should have! From there dialogue was opened up and Jeff was able to work Indy (aka ROB THEM)  to give up a 2nd round draft pick and a conditional 6th rounder.

You can hate Jeff Ireland or you can love Jeff Ireland, bottom line is he did a heck of a job getting max value  and using Indy's desperation against themselves.

UPDATE: Peter King is defending Ireland for the Vontae Davis trade and the Brandon Marshall trade earlier this year. CLICK HERE to read.