Got To Cut Chad; Time to put Character First in Miami

What size were those condoms?
When I heard the news last night of Chad Johnson's Domestic Violence arrest I wasn't shocked and didn't even care if the Fins kept or cut him. Even before this happened last night I didn't think he was a lock to make this team anyway. After waking up this morning and seeing the aftermath of this arrest and how much national attention it is getting there is no doubt that Chad needs to be cut. For many reasons.

1) Chad Johnson has put Joe Philbin in an impossible spot. If Philbin cuts Chad he is hurting his team and no coach wants to hurt their team for something that happened off the field. Yet, If Philbin keeps Chad then it makes Philbin look like a fool as he just said on Hard Knocks less than a week ago that we can't have guys representing the organization in a bad light. If Philbin keeps him then Philbin comes off as weak and someone who talks the talks but won't walk the walk. Coming off weak as a rookie head coach is not good. It's actually a death sentence for a rookie head coach. Nobody, players especially, will respect him going forward. Philbin is in a tough spot, but the call he has to make should be easy. 

2) This group of wide receivers is considered "bad" and that is with Chad Johnson as a part of it. Would it be any worse without him in reality? Seriously. Cut ties with the him and the "drama" he brings and send him on his way.

3) If you keep Chad it's only going to get much much worse. He and his Bat Shit Crazy Wife have a reality show starting on Sep 3rd on VH1 (it's already taped, they are going to air it.) With this news I am sure ratings will be through the roof and he along with this teammates and coaches are going to be asked questions on him all year if you keep him around.  It will be a year long distraction and week in and week out questions about how he is getting along with his wife and stuff that happened on the reality show. Not only will you have sports press covering this team you will have the TMZ, EXTRA, ET, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD type press camped out in Miami covering him and his wife. Distraction of the highest order.

4) IF it turns out to be true that Chad did in fact head-butt his wife that just makes him a bad guy and is reason enough right there to cut him.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Miami Dolphins must cut Chad Johnson ASAP. 

This arrest leads to a bigger issue though for this franchise. I am not breaking news here but since about 2004 the Miami Dolphins have been a very bad football organization (on and off the field.) Minus one season (2008) this franchise has put garbage teams on the football field and been lost a whole hell of a lot more than they have won. Yes, not having a quality QB has hurt, and yes going through a bunch of head coaches has hurt, but the real reason why they have been bad is "CHARACTER." What's been the constant in Miami during that time? Off the field arrests by low character players. This organization has laid down and gotten in bed with a laundry list of low character individuals. Here is a list I have compiled of low character Dolphins players and there arrests while they were a member of this team. This is just the last 6 years doing back to 2006 and I am sure I missed some guys.

-Chad Johnson Domestic Violence for head-butting his wife

-Tony McDaniel Domestic Violence for attacking his wife in his driveway
-Philip Merling Domestic Violence for beating up his pregnant girlfriend
-Brandon Marshall Domestic Violence, arrested for refusing to pay cab driver, stabbed by wife, among 50 other things
-Ronnie Brown DUI in Georgia driving on the wrong side of the road
-Will Allen DUI for being passed out behind the wheel at a red light
-Ricky Williams, quits to smoke dope, returns only to fail another drug test
-Koa Misi arrested on battery charges
-Regan Mauia arrested on battery charges
-Matt Roth arrested for public intoxication 
-Joey Porter arrested for Drunk Driving (arrested just before and just after he was a member of the Fins as well)
-Keith Traylor arrested for DUI, got in a fight with Vernon Carey and was kicked off the team
-Kelly Campbell arrested on drug charges
-Chris Chambers arrested for DUI
-Fred Evans arrested for battery and resisting arrest

You can't win in this league with a team filled with low character individuals and in recent years Miami has had more than enough of low character individuals. It's time to stop the nonsense and reverse the trend. Send Chad Johnson to the curb and let's have a clean slate in Miami when it comes guys and their off the field shenanigans. CHARACTER COUNTS!


  1. Yeah, I agree 100% Mike. Chad must go and he must go NOW. And I'd like to see that conversation on Hard Knocks!


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