Karlos Dansby Upset Fins cut Chad Johnson

Karlos Dansby on The Sid Rosenberg Radio Show on 640 WFTL this morning said he was upset with the Miami Dolphins organization. He is upset they cut Chad Johnson and didn't give him a second chance.

This is not what the Dolphins want or need. This is why bringing in a larger than life character, like a Chad Johnson, is always high risk. Because when things go bad  it will usually divide the locker-room and cause a lot of unnecessary drama. Joe Philbin has his work cut out for him now trying to mold this bunch into a team. Has this Chad Johnson debacle split the locker-room and has Philbin already lost the respect of some of the players? Time will only tell but Karlos Dansby going on the radio at 6 AM Monday morning to voice his displeasure is not a good sign at all.