Random Thoughts on the Carolina Game

Looking for a clear cut front runner in the Dolphins QB derby? I don't think the answer came last night. While rookie Ryan Tannehill did look better than incumbent Matt Moore, I don't think it was enough to hand him the starting job. He did lead one impressive scoring drive, but at times showed he still has a ways to go. He didn't have much help along the way though. The running game was none exsistant and the offensive live had trouble keeping the pass rush out of his face. Most noteably Jonathan Martin, who was doing his best to imitate Marc Colombo last night.

Matt Moore had a chance to step up and put some distance between himself and Tannehill, but all he could muster was a 5-15 outing and his best drive of the night was a 55 yard, penalty aided field goal drive. The difference? Moore was playing against some guys who will be doing other things when the season starts. If I had to guess right now, I would say that Tannehill has a leg up on Moore. Philbin's decision could hinge on how the two fare in practice this week.

On the defensive side of the ball....there was no defense. Cam Newton had his way. Cameron Wake, Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett sat out but that's no excuse. On Carolina's first three drives, they averaged something like 9 yards per play. Missed tackles? There were plenty. Pass rush? Non-exsistant. Just a terrible night on defense. Thankfully they have about four months to improve before we face the Patriots!

The NFL really needs to get the regular officials back. The officiating was terrible last night. What should have been an excellent play on an interception by Sean Smith turned into a pass interferance call. A personal foul called on Vonte Davis during an altercation with Steve Smith should have been called on both players.

Was there a bright side to this game? Sure. Brandon Fields can still boom punts and it's a good thing. This defense is going to give up some yardage.