Philbin Did The Right Thing

Some players are upset about the release of Chad Johnson, in particular Karlos Dansby. I didn't listen to what he had to say, but who really cares? In fact, if he doesn't like it, maybe he should be the next to go. It's not like he's lived up to expectations or the contract he signed. The point is, when Johnson came in, he was told what organization expected from him and the standards he was going to be held to and I'm sure it wasn't F bombs during a news conference or head butting his wife. If you watched Hard Knocks, you know Philbin wasn't too impressed with Johnson's F bomb laced news conference and he told him as much, right there on National TV.

At his news conference this morning, Philbin said “It was not reactive, nor was it based on one single incident.” He also stated he didn't think Johnson was a fit for the organization. That's being nice. I applaud Philbin for sticking to what he believes in and holding players to the standards he has set for this team.

Look, it's not like we're losing an all pro wide receiver. The guy is 34 and at the end of his career. There weren't a bunch of teams knocking down his door after the Patriots released him. The Dolphins brought him in, gave him a chance and this is how he repays them.