Random Thoughts

There’s not too much to be excited about these days if you are a Dolphin fan. They finished the pre-season 0-4 and have not shown any improvement as it went along. Starters have looked bad against opposing starters as well as opposing reserves. This team does not look like it’s ready for the start of the season. Most people look forward to opening day. Right now I cringe at the thought of playing Houston. Sorry Joe, but you will lose your first game as an NFL head coach. On the bright side, the Jets have looked worse!

There have been few bright spots so far. One being the maturation of rookie QB Ryan Tannehill. He is proving everyone who said he needed a year or two wrong. He looks confident and in control. Sure, he has made a few mistakes but far fewer than I would expect. Now all Miami needs to do is find a couple of guys who can actually catch the ball, which brings me to this……

If the Dolphins cut every receiver except Davone Bess and picked up waiver wire guys, would they be any worse off than they are now? Legedu Naanee couldn’t catch a cold. Roberto Wallace can’t get open. Brian Hartline can’t get on the field. With the exception of Bess, the Phins WR corps are a complete joke. Maybe it’s time to give Plaxico Burress a look?

On the Vonte Davis trade….don’t count me in as one of those drooling over the second round pick the Dolphins acquired for Davis. First of all, Davis is only 24. He’s still a kid. A kid with plenty of talent and room to mature. Good CB’s are hard to find. And add to that the Dolphins consistent failures with second round picks, I just don’t think it was that great of a trade.