Recap of First Preseason Game

Well the first preseason game is in the books and the 2012 season is underway. The Dolphins did come out on the short end of the stick in this game but remember people its only August 10th! It was the very first preseason game under a new head coach and new coordinators. Not to mention there is no game-planning for this game. The offense and defense didn't break down tape on Tampa Bay and look to attack weaknesses and throw blitz packages at them and such. So don't over react to things. It's the very first preseason game and its nothing more than a glorified scrimmage.

With that said, I will do a Stock UP; Stock DOWN report, but there will be no Stock DOWN as I am not holding anything against anyone for this game. We will just look at some of the guys who stood out tonight and played well.

Ryan Tannehill--With the news of the David Garrard injury the time might be now. And if the rest of the preseason goes like tonight then Tannehill will win this job.  14-21 passing for 167 passing yards and a touchdown. No big mistakes. No turnovers. For a rookie in his first game you can't ask for anything more. Excellent start for Ryan Tannehill. I really hope the coaches let Ryan start next week vs Carolina. Let's give him a shot with the first team and see how it goes.

Rishard Matthews--A WR needed to step up and make a name for himself and Matthews did it tonight. But not as a WR; Matthews had 2 outstanding kickoff returns. If Clyde Gates can't get healthy than Matthews the 7th round draft pick has a shot to make this roster because of his special teams play.

Charles Clay/Julius Pruitt/Roberto Wallace-I will lump these 3 together because along with Tannehill they were key players on the Fins first touchdown drive. All played very well and had nice chemistry with the rookie QB. Someone will have to make plays on offense and need to step up. Tonight was a good first game for all three of these guys.

Joe Philbin--For not kicking gimmie field goals and for going for it on 4th down a couple times in this game. The game doesn't count and we know Carpenter can make a 20-something yard field goal. Go for it and let the offense get some extra reps.

As I said, I am not gonna rip anyone for tonight's game. It's the first preseason game of the season. There is no game-planning and it's nothing more than a controlled practice or a glorified scrimmage. Take it at face value and what it is. The biggest winner tonight though is by far Ryan Tannehill. First the news of Garrard going down to injury then Tannehill plays very well in his first NFL action. Will be interesting to see where this QB battle is a week from now with it just being Moore vs Tanehill.  All signs are pointing to Ryan Tannehill getting a golden opportunity to win the job after tonight's performance and the Garrard news from earlier today.