What Does Jeff Ireland Do All Day?

This is a serious question, what does Jeff Ireland do all day?  I am pretty sure he shows up at the office each day. I have heard from sources the guy works long hours. What exactly doe he do though? Fill the copiers with paper? File documents? What? I have been an Ireland supporter from the beginning and stood by him though all the rough times and media attacks but my faith in him is starting to fade away.

I know training camp is not even a month old but Jeff's 2012 offseason is looking downright awful right about now. Now I know it wouldn't be fair to pass out a grade at this moment since no real games have been played but the free agent acquisitions that Miami made look to be a total bust thus far and the talent level seems to be getting worse not better.

Jeff does get somewhat of a pass on the Chad Johnson debacle because nobody can predict when a player will abuse his wife (allegedly.) Where Jeff doesn't get a pass is the WR corp overall. Trading Brandon Marshall was a must, I won't jump into that debate but the franchise did the right thing kicking his crazy ass to the curb. Where Jeff did fail was in doing nothing to upgrade the WR position after signing Chad Johnson and Legedu Naanee  (both marginal NFL WR's at best these days.) As we are about to enter the season the lack of quality WR's on this roster is glaring. Combine that with Brian Hartline who might be out for the year with an injury (not official by any means, but since he can't be put on PUP he either takes up a roster spot while rehabbing or is put on IR to open up a roster spot. And IR is a real possibility people) and the WR position is a total disaster. During the draft Jeff didn't take a WR until Rd 5 and let's be honest 5th round picks are "project players" unless you get really lucky. What was Jeff's plan? What was his vision for the WR spot? What was the end game here? Tell me I am asking?

I know Rome wasn't built in a day and you can't fix every problem and overhaul the entire roster in one offseason, but what dream was Jeff having with this group of WR's being a capable bunch?

Let's move on to some of his other offseason signings, like Art Hicks. I mean Art Hicks is the man to fix the Dolphins right guard position? A guy who couldn't start for the Cleveland Browns. Yes, he couldn't start for the Cleveland Browns! Let that sink in for a moment people. Yet the same Art Hicks (who looked god awful vs Carolina last Friday) is an upgrade over Vernon Carey? And Vernon Carey stunk last year.  Don't even mention Jon Jerry, Ireland's 3rd round pick who is a total bust from 2 years ago. The 360+lb monster who can't put down a fork or block a girl scout. What was Jeff's vision? What was the plan? What was the end game?  Art Hicks? Really!?

David Garrard, OK he got hurt. Can't blame Jeff for that obviously. Can blame him for bringing in an old broken down QB though. Did he expect Garrard to find the fountain of youth? As of today it looks like Garrard could be a training camp cut once he is 100% to save the Fins cap room. So the big quarterback free agent signing might not be on the roster come Sep 1st. Brilliant!

Everyone is praising the signing of Richard Marshall, and it looks like a good one. My question is if Vontae Davis wasn't a lazy dog would anyone be praising the signing of Marshall as he would just be a 3rd CB in a bad secondary? Is Marshall really that good or is it just anyone except Vonate at this point so Marshall is getting overhyped?

And let's talk about this cap room. The Dolphins with this god awful offseason in terms of signing quality players is in the bottom 5 of the league when it comes to salary cap space as of today. Bottom 5! What? Who? Why? WHAT!

The only thing that is saving Jeff right now is that he might have hit the jackpot on Ryan Tannehill. Now its way too early to say that but at least there is an "UP" arrow next to Tannehill's name opposed to a "DOWN" arrow. And looking at recent Ireland's draft picks a lot of guys have "DOWN" arrows next to their names. Like Jon Jerry (3rd round), Clyde Gates (3rd round), Vonate Davis (1st round), and Koa Misi (2nd round.) These are early round picks that don't look good right now. And I won't go back further and bring up Pat White and Chad Henne, two 2nd round picks that were busts. I will overlook that and just keep it fairly recent.

So, that leads me back to my original question....What does Jeff Ireland do all day?