What will Miami do at Wide Receiver?

Time to go WR shopping
The Miami Dolphins have a disaster at the WR position. There might be CFL teams with a better group of WR's than the Dolphins currently have. There is no positive way to spin it; this group of wide receivers stink. They have Davone Bess who can play. They have Brian Hartline who is decent but injured and after that they got nothing. Nothing at all. Total garbage players at WR who when cut will be out of work as I don't see any other teams beating down their doors.  A group of guys who were handed a golden opportunity and have failed and been an unmitigated disaster thus far.

There are three quote "name" guys who are free agents but the Dolphins don't seem to have any interest them. They are Lee Evans, Plaxico Burress, and Mike Simms-Walker. Honestly if Miami signed all three of them I don't think any fan would be upset. Hell, if Miami signed a couple of them today they would probably be starters Week 1 vs Houston.  It's not going to happen, but maybe it should! At the very least you would think Miami would consider at least one of those guys, but this is Jeff Ireland we are talking about.

Next avenue for Miami to pursue upgrades is the waiver wire and trades. According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald keep an eye on the Packers and what they do. He quoted Rich Gannon of CBS saying that Packers have 7 legit NFL WR's on their roster currently and will have to make some tough roster decisions. Two names to watch are Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel. They are 2 WR's who spent last season on the Packers practice squad and Joe Philbin knows them well.

Former GM and former CBS analyst Charlie Casserly says Miami should trade a mid-round pick to Green Bay for James Jones. This is a rumor that has been out there for weeks. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is also beating the drum for a James Jones trade. Armando is also clamoring for Miami to make a play for Tight End Chris Cooley if/when Washington cuts him.

The Dolphins need to do something and do it quick otherwise the Fins will be looking at a season where they might break NFL scoring records and not in a good way. Like maybe fewest points scored in a season. Yes, it could be that bad people.