Wrap Up of the Atlanta vs Miami 3rd Preseason Game

Davone Bess is the only WR worth keeping on this Roster
The Atlanta vs Miami preseason game can be wrapped up essentially in one sentence. That sentence reads like this; "The Dolphins don't have anyone who can catch the football."

Anthony Fassano with 3 drops in the first half and I believe 4 overall. Legedu Naanee with 3 drops as well and he looked awful. This team is going to struggle all season to score points with this group it has at WR and Tight End. Defensively this team played outstanding. The first string defense (which is all that matters) minus Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett only gave up field goals vs a high powered Atlanta offense. Most weeks Miami won't be facing a team that has two high end, elite WR's like Roddy White and Julio Jones. But the secondary played well as did the 1st string defense overall.

Jonathan Martin looked good as did Jon Jerry and the offensive line had a nice bounce back effort. Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush both ran hard and played well. It is tough to judge Ryan Tannehill because of all the drops but he looked OK. I mean he is a rookie and will make rookie mistakes but he wasn't awful by any means.

The team showed signs of improvement in many areas but the regressing at WR is troubling. This group can't get it done and honestly I don't know where Miami and Jeff Ireland go from here. Marlon Moore isn't any good. No other way to say it so why beat around the bush. Legedue Naanee is a 4th WR in the NFL not a #1 or #2. Roberto Wallace is a big lumbering red zone target style WR and not an every down WR. Clyde Gates, Julius Pruitt, Rishard Matthews, and BJ Cunningham are total project players who will need a lot of time and work. Chris Hogan, great nickname but he can put his head between his legs and kiss his ass good-bye.

Other than Davone Bess this unit has nothing at all. Did Brian Hartline get his leg amputated? Is he ever going to come back? I don't know what Miami is going to do going forward, they need to make at least 1 move even if its minor. You got Mike Simms Walker and Plaxico Burress as free agents. Neither are great and yes both are old, but christ they can't be worse than the guys Miami is playing. And the notion of "we are rebuilding so play the kids".....while nice in theory the kids Miami have stink. I'm sorry they do. They stink and playing them all season isn't going to change that.

Change for the sake of Change needs to happen right now at the WR position. A new body or two needs to be brought in. This currently isn't working as is.