Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fins lose a heart-breaker; A Star is Born

Yes the Dolphins lost. Yes it sucks. But the real story to take from today's game; A Star is Born in Miami. Ryan Tannehill is for real. Yes, he threw a late INT and he fumbled but if you saw the game you know that doesn't tell the whole story. The fumble was a mistake because of bad blocking up front and bad play-calling of throwing the ball with the lead late. The INT, hey it happens he is a rookie. Part of the rookie growing pain process.

The 400+ yards passing vs a very good defense and the standing in the pocket and making big plays all over the field with his arm is the real story. Get this kid some "real weapons" and watch out.

Tannehill get's better every week and every game. The future is bright. The Dolphins have found their man. Any question about that has been put to rest!

Sunday Morning Update: Bush to Play

Jason LaCanfora of CBS is reporting that Reggie Bush is scheduled to play today vs Arizona

Thoughts On Today's Game

The Dolphins travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals in a game, that before the season started looked very winnable. But the Cardinals have started 3-0, knocking off New England and Philadelphia along the way. Are they really that good? They have had a little luck along the way. In the opener against Seattle, the Seahawks had a first and goal at the Arizona 4 yard line in the last minute, but Seattle rookie QB Russell Wilson threw three straight incompletions. Against New England, they had a little luck at the end there also. New England kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed a 42 FG, this after A 30-yard TD by Danny Woodhead was nullified by a holding penalty against Rob Gronkowski.

On the flip side, luck has been all bad for the Dolphins. A horrible 2nd half of the 2nd quarter kept the Dolphins from hanging in the against the Houston Texans in the opener and a sloppy, mistake filled game against the Jets has left the Dolphins at 1-2 and searching for answers. How many times has the normally reliable Dan Carpenter made that kick?

With that said, I think the Dolphins have a decent shot in this game. They have played well on the road in recent years. There are 3 things they MUST do to have a chance. Run the ball. Arizona has a good defense but their weakness is against the run. Limit big plays by Larry Fitzgerald. Don't let him beat you. Make someone else beat you. And finally, no turnovers! The Dolphins have proven this year that they cannot overcome them! 

As for Ryan Tannehill, he didn't have a very good game last week. That pick 6 was a terrible decision. But he did do two things. First, he put the team in a position to tie the game in the final minute. Then, he put them in a position to win the game in overtime. He needs to play today like he did in the final minutes last week.

While no one else is giving the Dolphins much of a chance in this game, I do. I think they will cut down on the mistakes and if they do........

Miami 17  Arizona 13

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bush likely to play; Marshall up in the air

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting RB Reggie Bush is likely to play vs Arizona on Sunday. CB Richard Marshall's status is still up in the air though.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fins working out CB's; Vontae Davis stinking it up in Indy

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins worked out CB's on Tuesday. In for a visit were Alphonso Smith, Morgan Trent, and Aaron Berry.

Before you jump off the deep end yelling "why did they trade Vontae Davis if they need CB help?" Through 3 games in Indy Vontae Davis has been thrown at 14 times, 12 of those times he has given up a completion and he has been torched for over 165 yards. To sum up, he can't stop anyone!

Miami Dolphins and Sea World team up for Marketing Agreement

Today the Miami Dolphins and Sea World Orlando announced a multi-year marketing agreement. There will be season long sweepstakes for Florida residents with the opportunity to win trips and prizes. It appears Jason Taylor is involved in this joint venture as a spokesperson type as well.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reggie Bush has harsh word for Jets over Revis injury

Reggie Bush pulled no punches today when talking about the Jets losing superstar CB Darrell Revis for the season. He says he has no sympathy for the Jets. Via Ben Volin's twitter Bush said..."What goes around comes around. They talked all week about putting hot sauce and this and that, and they ended up losing their best player"

What did we learn from Sunday's loss?

Sunday's lost to the Jets was painful but after a couple days and after re-watching the game I think we learned a couple things about this team. First and foremost let's get one thing out of the way; Ryan Tannehill is NOT the problem with this offense. I don't care what the stats say and I don't care how his stats match up to the other starting QB's in the league to me its all silly and means nothing. Why? Because Tannehill has zero weapons around him. The Dolphins WR's are marginal at best, with an injured Reggie Bush and him off the field the Dolphins have marginal back-up RB's. Throw in Fassano who is a so-so tight end and Tannehill is handcuffed. And even with all of those handcuffs Tannehill still (yes he still) led a game tying and a game winning drive in overtime (if Carpenter makes the kick.)

Think about this for a second, if Carpenter makes that kick the story of Sunday's game is how Ryan Tannehill led a game winning drive vs a good Jets defense with no Reggie Bush and no WR's that are any good. That is the story if Carpenter makes a kick. Soak that in, Tannehill and the Dolphins would be 2-1 and Tannehill would be the next "big thing" QB for working his magic on a team that has no weapons around him.

Look, Tannehill isn't perfect, he threw a pick-6 and he he has to protect the ball in that situation better. Tannehill will still make his rookie mistakes and that is fine, but fact of the matter is Ryan Tannehill is NOT the problem with this team right now. The Dolphins have no WR's and when they face good defenses like the Jets, Houston, SF, Arizona..etc they are going to struggle as an offensive unit.

Another thing we learned is that this Dolphins defense is better. Through 3 games this switch to a 4-3 defense is better than anyone could have imagined. The secondary is getting interceptions and maybe the "sack" numbers aren't there but this front 4 is getting a lot of pressure on QB's and making QB's uncomfortable. If these replacement refs actually called offensive holding I think Wake could be really causing some more havoc even though he isn't getting sacks per say.

Currently Pro Football Focus has Karlos Dansby ranked as the 2nd best MLB in 2012, Reshad Jones as as the 3rd best safety, Chris Clemons as the 8th best safety, and Randy Starks as the 5th best defensive tackle.

Bottom line is going forward is it's gonna be a rough year. I think we will see more games like we saw on Sunday where the defense plays lights out and the Fins offense struggles. I expect that this week vs Arizona, I expect it vs Cincinnati the following week. I expect it most weeks. But, don't let the stats fool you and don't fall for the negative nancy fans. This all isn't on Tannehill! I don't care what the stats say, use the ole eyeball test. Tannehill is passing with flying colors. Hell Kurt Warner has said that RGIII and Tannehill are the class of the 2012 Rookie QB class (and no he didn't forget Luck.) Trent Dilfer has said that Tannehill has the highest ceiling of any of the rookie QB's and he has liked him the most thus far. Stats never tell the whole story and this is a classic case of it.

Miami might only win 2 or 3 or 4 games this year, but it won't be because Ryan Tannehill is the problem. It's because the front office didn't put anyone around him. Which is a different story for a different day.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Reggie Bush injury not serious

The Dolphins got some good news on Monday when they were told Reggie Bush's knee injury wasn't serious. There are conflicting reports out there right now. Some say Bush may miss a few games and there others that say Bush could play this Sunday. Sounds to me is for the next couple weeks Bush's status will be a "game-time decision."

Either way the Dolphins got very lucky as the news could have been much much worse.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fins lose; Bush injury not serious

The Dolphins lost a heart breaker today but did get good news after the game. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is reporting that Reggie Bush's injured knee isn't serious and he should be ok. Bush planned on returning to the game after halftime but his knee got stiff on him so the team didn't risk anything.

Dolphins Vs Jets Prediction

The Dolphins will face the Jets today with the winner keeping a share of first place in the AFC East. The Dolphins would love to prove that last week's big win over Oakland was more than a fluke. It won't be easy. It's a home game but there could be just as many Jet fans in attendance today as Dolphin fans. The Jets are going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Ryan Tannehill. They will likely use Darrelle Revis to take Brian Hartline out of the game. They will try to take Reggie Bush out of the game. To make a long story short, the Jets will try to make Tannehill beat them.

On defense, the Phins caught a break with TE Dustin Keller being declared out for this game. They need to keep after Mark Sanchez or he could have a good day. I also expect (as does the rest of the world) that the Jets will unveil some variation of the wildcat with Tim Tebow. They need to be ready for that.

In the end, I think this will be a low scoring, defensive game. The key match up, at least to me is Revis Vs Hartline. Hartline has turned into Tannehill's go to guy, but Revis will neutralize that connection. If Revis had not been cleared to play, it might have been a different story, but....

NY Jets 17  Miami 13

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jets Dustin Keller OUT vs Miami

Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News is reporting Jets starting Tight End Dustin Keller is OUT for Sunday's game vs the Dolphins and will not play.

Dansby makes "The List"

Forbes Magazine came out with a list the other day of the NFL's most overpaid players. #2 on that list was Miami Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby. He is the leagues second highest paid linebacker but has never been an All Pro linebacker.

I think being #2 on the list is a tad high for Dansby. Is he overpaid? Yeah probably. But I know a lot of bad quarterbacks who are way overpaid and should be higher than Dansby on this list.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Did Rex Ryan just put a Bounty on Reggie Bush?

Michael David Smith of has a story on how Jets head coach Rex Ryan wants his players to "put some hot sauce on him" when talking about  Reggie Bush. Here is the exact quote...

“Reggie Bush is, everybody knows, he’s a special player,” Ryan said. “He’s got great speed, that’s the first thing that jumps out at you. He’s shifty. He runs with a little more power than people give him credit for. . . . Obviously we have to do a great job of getting a lot of guys to him and then get him on the ground. Put some hot sauce on him, if you will.”

Not exactly sure what Rex is talking about here with the "hot sauce" quote but it sure as hell seems like he wants his defense to do some damage to Reggie Bush when he is tackled and on the ground. Didn't the Saints have their head coach and former defensive coordinator suspended for a year for talk similar to this? Rex better be careful with the language he is using here, this is no joke in the NFL anymore.

Maybe I am reading too much into this quote but it sure as hell seems like Rex wants his players to not just tackle Reggie Bush but do a little damage to him as well.

Dolphins-Jets will NOT be blacked out

The Dolphins-Jets game will not be blacked out in South Florida this weekend. No word if fans bought up the remaining tickets or if Stephen Ross paid .34 on the dollar and bought them up.

Yeremiah Bell proving Ireland right as well

The other day I pointed out how Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins are looking good for making the Vontae Davis trade. Well, Ireland is looking just as good in his decision for not signing Yeremiah Bell. This is another case of addition by subtraction for the Dolphins. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald gave a stat this morning to showcase his struggles. Bell starts for the Jets and so far this season teams have thrown on him 5 times and he has given up 4 completions for 80 yards. Bell continuing to show the world he is a liability in the passing game.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

CBS Commentators this week and other tidbits

-Marv Albert and Rich Gannon will be doing the commentating this week for the Fins-Jets game on CBS. The Dolphins brought (paid) Rich Gannon this training camp to come talk to the team so I would expect Gannon to not be too rough on the Dolphins no matter what happens on the field. I don't think he will pile on or be too rough on the organization during the telecast if the team falls behind or gets blown out or anything.

-Jets superstar CB Darrell Revis has been cleared for contact and should play this Sunday.

-Dolphins linebacker Kevin Burnett didn't practice today due to a leg injury. His status for Sunday is up in the air.

Dolphins-Jets possibly blacked out in South Florida

The Dolphins and Stephen Ross have asked the NFL for a 24 hour extension as they have not sold out the game yet. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wasn't so quick this week to buy up the unsold tickets for .34 on the dollar to make sure the game is on local TV. If the game isn't sold out by Friday then it won't air in South Florida. Ross could still buy up the unsold tickets last minute, but if he didn't do it today what makes you think he will do it tomorrow? Maybe he is trying to "scare" the fan-base but I don't know.

I went on a rant yesterday about this, if you can afford to go and are in the area go to the game this week. Like I said, if you can't get excited for a game like this then why are you even a fan to begin with?

Under One's Nose

Brian Hartline, in his fourth NFL season, has never really been given much of a chance to show what he could do. Hartline was a quick study as a rookie and showed some flashes since then. Between Brandon Marshall demanding every pass be thrown in his direction, QBs favoring Davone Bess, and Hartline's numerous injuries, he has often been overlooked. I've seen great potential in his ability from the outset. Excellent speed (no, he's not Clyde Gates), great hands, and elite quickness have made him very difficult to guard. Hartline has been a clutch performer and almost sure thing on third down. The greatest thing to happen to his game was the trading of Marshall. I, for one, am looking forward to how the Jets' two excellent cornerbacks (Revis, Cromartie) plan to stop him. I bet they won't be able to do so.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time for the Fans to Step Up: Buy A Ticket!

If you don't live in South Florida then this little rant I am about to go on doesn't apply to you. If you do live in South Florida, listen up!

As Dolphins fans we have been through misery the last decade or so. Yes there was 2008 and that "miracle run to the division title" but that was kind of a fluke and most of us knew it. Dolphins fans have had a million and one reasons to bitch and moan, and in many cases rightly so, over the last decade. Having head coaches quit on us, having the franchise ignore the quarterback position time after time, having to put up with Ricky Williams and Brandon Marshall off the field drama that gave the organization and fan-base a black eye and look silly, Cullpepper over Brees, I mean I could sit here all day and list this stuff. Through all of that we saw something last week we haven't seen in a while, we saw "HOPE."

Does one win over a bad Raiders team mean everything is going to be great now? NO, I'm not going to try and sell you that. But what we saw last week was maybe the early stages of a legit turnaround this time.This team maybe has finally found their franchise QB, this defense is maybe the best run defense in the entire league shutting down McFadden and really not letting Foster go off the week before on them, this team maybe has the right coaching staff in place who understands the current NFL product. Not to mention, what last weeks win set up is a BIG September home game vs a hated division rival this week vs the Jets.

Time for the fans to STEP UP and go to the games! 

If you live in South Florida and aren't buying tickets because you hate Jeff Ireland and think not buying a ticket will get Ireland fired; wake up! You are not only clueless but you are only hurting yourself. Ireland's fate rests with wins and losses and not fanny's in seats. You aren't proving anything to anyone or sending a message. 

Look I know the economy is tough and if its a decision between paying the rent or going to a football game, of course don't be silly pay the friggin rent. I am directing this towards the people who can afford to go to the games but are deciding not to for some reason.

Look if you are reading this you are a Miami Dolphins fan and odds are you are a "Die-Hard Fan" considering you are following the team on a team dedicated fan-site like this one. If you live in South Florida and can't get excited enough to actually go to a meaningful Week 3 HOME game between the Dolphins and Jets, then why the hell do you come to websites like this all year round? Why the hell do you spend so much time following this team? If you live in South Florida and are a big Dolphins fan you should live for games like this.

It's early in the season, the Dolphins are at home vs the stinking NY Jets! The Fins are coming off a win, the Jets are coming off a loss. A Dolphins win here can throw the Jets season into a free-fall.  If you can afford to get your ass to Sun Life Stadium on Sunday and go to the damn game, DO IT! Support this team! Don't have a silly wait and see attitude or refuse to go because you are pissed Ireland is still here. Seriously, that is ridiculous. As a fan we play a small role in things but it is a role nonetheless.  Hell tickets can't be any cheaper, you can get tickets for like $60 now, CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE. Hell just go and buy a ticket on the street outside the same for probably less than $60. Buy the cheapest ticket you can just to get in the door then go sit anywhere. Lord knows there will be enough empty seats. Point is, get to the stadium! 

Time for the fans to be part of the solution and not part of the problem! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Any Dolphins fans still upset with the Vontae Davis trade?

I want my Grandma!!
Let's go back a little less than a month and I remember many of you Dolphins fans who were outraged when the team traded Vontae Davis. Uh, you can sit down and stay quiet now. Incase you haven't noticed Vontae Davis has been downright terrible in Indy through 2 games. Well, how bad could it be you ask? It's really bad. As in he has been targeted 11 times and 10 of those times he has given up a completion. He has given up 2 TD's and 143 yards. Oh, and opposing quarterbacks (Ponder and Cutler) have a perfect 158.3 QB rating throwing against him. I don't have a crystal ball and know what Jeff Ireland's fate is in Miami past this year, but when it is all said and done the Vontae Davis trade will be Jeff Ireland's finest moment as a general manager.

Jeff Ireland calls fan an a$$hole

Jeff Ireland is not the most popular man in Miami these days, but this story really is a non-story if you ask me. On Sunday a fan walked up to Ireland in the stadium and told Jeff he should fire himself. As he was walking away Jeff called the fan an "a$$hole." Now the fan is upset and the story has gone public. 

To me the fan is an a$$hole and should just shut up. You can't walk around in public going up to people acting like a jerk and expect to be treated with respect. While Ireland should not have said what he said, its also not that big a deal. There are many ways you can voice your displeasure with Jeff Ireland. Don't buy a ticket and avoid going to games, call in any number of sports talk radio shows in South Florida and let your voice be heard, send an email or a letter to the Dolphins offices, hell stand outside the offices and hold a sign and protest. The one thing you can't do is go out in public and act like a total jerk and be confrontational. 

The fan is an a$$hole! Case closed.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Richard Marshall to play vs Jets this Sunday

Dolphins CB Richard Marshall who left the Raiders game with a back injury said late this afternoon he will  play this Sunday vs the NY Jets. His exact quote was..."I'm playing Sunday"

On the other side the Associated Press is reporting that Jets superstar CB Darrelle Revis might miss his 2nd game in a row and miss the Dolphins game this weekend. Now it is only Monday and a week is a long time but Revis isn't a sure thing for this Sunday.

Miami Dolphins/Oakland Raiders Recap

What a difference a week makes. Last week, people already pegged the Miami Dolphins as the worst team in the NFL. In week two, they shocked everyone with a fantastic performance in the team's win over the Oakland Raiders 35-13.

The Dolphin offense was led by Reggie Bush, as he had one of the best games of his career. Bush ran for 172 yards and two touchdowns as the Dolphins won their first home opener since 2005

After Bush scored his second touchdown, fans started to chant "Reg-gie! Reg-gie!"

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw his first NFL touchdown, ran for his first touchdown, and finished the game with zero turnovers. This was only a week after he had three turnovers in a loss to the Houston Texans. Tannehill finished 18 for 30 for 200 yards.

Tannehill's go to receiver of the afternoon was Brian Hartline. He caught nine passes for 111 yards.

Dolphins defense did a amazing job stopping the Raider running back, Darren McFadden. He only had 11 carries for 22 yards on the ground.

The Dolphin defense also did a great job pressuring quarterback Carson Palmer. While the defense didn't record a sack, they hit Palmer a total of nine times during the game.

Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin received his first Gatorade shower in his first victory.

Miami started fast, taking the opening kickoff and drove 80 yards in 12 plays for a touchdown. That was their only score of the half as they trailed at halftime 10-7. In the second half, Dolphins outscored the Raiders 28-3 after halftime.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Post Game Video's

Joe Philbin CLICK HERE

Brian Hartline CLICK HERE


Reggie Bush CLICK HERE

Ryan Tannehill CLICK HERE

Alright Miami!!!!!!!!!!

The Miami Dolphins get their 1st win of the Joe Philbin era. Ryan Tannehill had a huge bounce back game and was terrific. Yes, he made a couple rookie mistakes but that will happen all year. Tannehill was converting big 3rd downs and was playing smart turnover free football. The chemistry between Tannehill and Hartline was a thing of beauty. Brian Hartline as well had an outstanding game. Last but not least the star of the day was Reggie Bush. What needs to be said? Bush was amazing and looked every bit like a Superstar!

On defense the Fins played well. They shut down McFadden and even created a turnover. It was a classic "bend but don't break" defensive effort.

Next week is a tall order vs a very good Jets team but enjoy this win right now Dolphins fans. Enjoy the win!

Dolphins WR situation

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins are going week to week with their WR situation and whether or not to add someone. If they add someone the two names being mentioned are Jabar Gaffney and Patrick Crayton. It will be one of those two players. Also, WR Roy Williams turned down a chance to workout for Miami and he has decided to retire instead.

Ken's Game Prediction

Dolphins Vs Raiders. At one time this game mattered. At one time these two teams were in the upper echelon of the NFL. Now they are just a shell of the teams they used to be. The Dolphins/Raiders have a storied history, longer than any non-division team. A little did you know, in case you did not know:

The Dolphins first regular-season game was against Oakland, a 23-14 loss.

Don Shula was 6-11 against the Raiders, but since his retirement Miami holds 9-3 edge.

In 1973, the Raiders ended the Dolphins winning streak during the second week of the season. Miami got revenge by knocking the Raiders out of the playoffs on their way to their third straight Super Bowl.

Of course the Raiders got even for that one the next season in the playoffs when Ken Stabler hit Clarence Davis for a TD as he was being hit.

But those days are long gone for these two teams. The Raiders haven't seen the playoffs since 2002, the Dolphins since 2008. The Dolphins have a rookie QB, the Raiders have QB Carson Palmer, not quite the QB he was 5 years ago. Oakland will be missing a key player in CB Ron Bartell.

Unfortunately I did not get to see Miami's opener last week, but looking through stats and play by play, it seems that except for the last 4 minutes of the first half, Miami hung right with the Texans. With 4:06 left in the first half, the score was 3-3 and the Dolphins were driving, in Houston territory before it all unraveled. You can't lose the turnover battle 4-0 to an elite team. You'll lose that game 100 times out of 100. As for the Raiders, they fared no better against San Diego. They were held without a touchdown until the final seconds of the game.

So which Dolphin team will show up today? The one that hung with Houston for the first 26 minutes of the game, or the one that came unraveled with 4 minutes left in the first half? The defense played well, even though Andre Johnson had a big day. But Johnson is one of the best in the business and is going to make plays no matter who the opponent is. Tannehill is going to make mistakes, but has to learn to limit them.

In the end, I think this will be a defensive struggle. 

Miami 13 Oakland 10 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Raiders vs Dolphins Preview

Ok, so Week 1 was unfortunatly what we all expected. Houston was an elite team that is far superior to Miami. The Dolphins hung tough for the most part but those damn tipped balls did the Dolphins in. Now the Dolphins open up at home and have a team that is custom made for the Dolphins to get a win against.
There are not going to be many weeks this year which you as a Dolphins fan can go into a game and feel like this team has a legitimate chance to win. This is one of those weeks. First and foremost you can’t ask for a better situation. The Raiders are coming off a Monday night game and a short week, flying cross-country and playing a 1pm game. With the September South Florida heat and humidity! Miami is helped by these intangibles. It by no means guarantees a win but it is something that heavily tilts the advantage towards the Fins.
On the field the Raiders are hurting as their best CB Ron Bartell is out and won’t be playing. Now, Miami might not have a WR who can take advantage of that but I do think if there is ever a week where the Fins can be successful in the passing game this might be it. Putting the tipped passes to the side for a minute, Tannehill was pretty good Week 1 vs a great Houston defense. He made the correct throws and didn’t try and do too much. He is limited because he has little help but he is going to be limited all year. What the coaches need to do this week is expand the playbook. Have Tannehill roll out of the pocket and throw on the run, attempt to throw some deep passes (tough with this WR corp,) and maybe even a little razzle dazzle to generate a big plays or some easy points. Daniel Thomas is out and we will probably get our first look at Lamar Miller this week as well.
On defense I thought the Dolphins played very well last week. The defensive line was outstanding and had pressure on Schaub all day. Koa Misi, my god with 11 tackles did he look like a new player in this defense. And I thought the secondary was solid for the most part. Carson Palmer is a middle of the road QB, the Raiders WR's are banged up and not healthy at all, and McFadden, while a great player, will be the guy the Dolphins can pay all their attention too this week as the Raiders offense is probably as bad as Miami's right now.
I see this game as a team with two offenses that will struggle to score points, so I go with who has the better defense and I think Miami does.  Which is why I pick them to win this week.

Miami 20   Oakland 16

Happy Birthday Dan Marino

We here at would like to wish Dan Marino a Happy Birthday today!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Raiders/Dolphins Preview

Carson Palmer - Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphins

Both the Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders had a week one to forget. The Dolphins got steamed rolled by the Houston Texans and the Raiders offense was horrible in their game against the San Diego Chargers. Now these two teams play on Sunday, in what hopes to be a competitive contest.

Preview of the Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders come to Miami with a number of players on the injury report. Jacoby Ford, Ronald Bartell are already ruled out against the Dolphins. Denarius Moore, Rolando McClain, and Taiwan Jones were limited this week in practice.

Darren McFadden was the only bright spot for the Raiders on offense. While McFadden only rushed for just 32 yards on 15 carries against the San Diego Chargers on Monday night, he was a huge factor in the passing game. Carson Palmer targeted McFadden 18 times for 13 catches while having 86 yards receiving.

The Chargers did a wonderful shutting the ground game of the Raiders. The Dolphins have just as good of a front seven as the Chargers, so I expect Kevin Coyle to use some of the similar things the Chargers did.

Carson Palmer played an OK game. While he certainly didn't lose the game for the Raiders, he didn't make enough plays to win it either. Some of that falls at the feet of the Raider receivers. The Chargers did a good job in coverage all night. If Moore returns from injury on Sunday, he will certainly give Palmer another target who can stretch the defense.

The defense of the Raiders looked much improved. Last season, they were one of the worse in the NFL against the run. Secondary is still a question because Phillip Rivers completed 24-for-33 passes for 231 yards. The Dolphins offense went up against one of the best defenses in the NFL week one in the Houston Texans. They should rebound nicely against a team that isn't nearly as good.

Preview of The Miami Dolphins

Some Dolphin fans have already declared quarterback Ryan Tannehill a bust. Ladies and gentlemen, the season just started last week. I felt like Head Coach Joe Philbin and Offensive Coordnator Mike Sherman game-plan last week was very conservative because they were playing the Houston Texans. I fully expect them to open up the playbook a lot more against a weaker defense in the Oakland Raiders.  It is time to see this uptempo offense that Philbin practiced all training camp.

Tannehill should have a much better performance Sunday because of Oakland's banged up secondary. The Raiders also didn't get much pressure against the Charger offensive line.  The front seven just recorded one sack Monday night.

As McFadden was the only bright spot for the Raiders Monday night, Dolphins running back Reggie Bush was for the Dolphins. Bush had 115 yards of total offense on Sunday. I expect Mike Sherman to get Bush the ball early and often because he helped torched the Raiders last December to their Dolphins 34-14 victory.

The Dolphin defense was horrible last week. Partly because the Houston Texans offense are just that good. The Raiders don't nearly have the weapons on offense as the Texans do. I expect Cameron Wake to have a huge game against a suspect Raider offensive line.

Look Ahead:

The schedule gets much tougher for the Raiders after this game. They have Pittsburgh next week then a road game at Denver, then a bye week before a trip to Atlanta. I usually don't believe in must win games this early in the season, but if they Raiders lose this game, I expect them to start 0-5. So look for a sense of urgency by the Raiders on Sunday.

Dolphins will play the New York Jets at home after Sunday and then the Arizona Cardinals. Much more winable games than the Raiders coming up.

Weather Forecast: Highs in the mid-80s with a chance of 30 percent of isolated thunderstorms and rain.

The Raiders are coming to Miami on a short week and the game is being played at 10:00 a.m. pacific time. The Raiders have had problems with early eastern starts, so advantage Miami? Remember the Buffalo Bills game week two last season?


Miami 21 Oakland 17

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anthony Armstrong with a hamstring injury

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting newly acquired Dolphins WR Anthony Armstrong has a hamstring injury and did not practice on Thursday. It appears he may miss Sunday's game. Marlon Moore has taken his spot in the rotation.

Fins game won't be blacked out in South Florida

The Miami Dolphins have announced that Sunday's game vs the Raiders will not be blacked out in the South Florida market.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Packers thinking of trading Jennings? Miami landing spot?

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that with Greg Jennings in the final year of his contract the Packers should consider trading WR Greg Jennings for a 2nd round draft pick before the NFL Trade deadline. This is pure speculation on McGinn's part but Bob McGinn is a highly respected NFL beat writer and does have his finger on the pulse of the Packers organization and I am sure he didn't just pull this out of thin air.

With the emergence of Randall Cobb and James Jones in Green Bay, the fact Jennings is currently dinged up/injured, and that he is going to walk at the end of the year and the Pack will get nothing for him,  it makes perfect sense for GB to consider moving him. Oh, and the Dolphins have an extra 2nd round draft pick and they are in need of a WR in the worst way. And this Jennings guy has played for Philbin before and knows the offense.

Something to keep an eye on Dolphins Fans. Just something to keep an eye on!

Chad Pennington has Tannehill's tipped ball problem solved

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post talked with former Dolphins QB Chad Pennington and asked him why some of Tannehill's balls were being tipped at the line of scrimmage. Pennington watched some tape of the balls that were tipped and feels Tannehill's plant foot needs to be higher on the short/underneath throws. Chad feels the problem is totally and very easily correctable. So relax Dolphins fans, the sky is falling.

Trent Dilfer on a conference call today went even further and said none of this is Tannehill's fault and it's the predictable playcalling and all the underneath routes Miami is forced to run because they lack any quality WR's. And its too easy for defenses to bat/tip balls.

Daniel Thomas OUT for Sunday's Game

The Miami Dolphins have announced that running back Daniel Thomas has passed his concussion test but they will hold him out of Sunday's game vs the Raiders. Expect to see Lamar Miller get some work at running back as a back-up to Reggie Bush now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Positives and Negatives from Dolphins' first game

Ryan Tannehill Ryan Tannehill #17 of the Miami Dolphins fumbles the snap in the first quarter against the Houston Texans during the season opener at Reliant Stadium on September 9, 2012 in Houston, Texas.

The Dolphins/Texans game last Sunday was pretty much decided in the first quarter. The Dolphins gave up 24 points in the first six mintues on their way to a 30-10 loss. Here are my positives and negatives from the game.


Defensive Tackle Randy Starks had himself one heck of a game, with two sacks and six tackles. While the Texans offensive line was mainly focused on Cameron Wake, Starks was able to get into the backfield, along with Paul Soliai. Soliai had two tackles for loss on Sunday.

Koa Misi also added in 11 tackles. Offensive lines will key on Wake all season, so it is important for other players in the front seven to step up.

Reggie Bush picked up where he left off last season, by gaining over 100 all-purpose yards. Bush was clearly the best player on the Dolphin offense against the Texans.

Devon Bess and Brian Hartline had solid games. While their numbers weren't spectacular, they gave Ryan Tannehill other reliable targets other than Bush

Speaking of Tannehill, while his stats say he had a horrible game with three interceptions, I saw positives signs from the rookie. He completed over 55 percent of his passes while being pressured all day. Tannehill was facing maybe the best defense in all of football in the Texans, so I wouldn't judge him too harshly off that performance.


Offense looked horrible at times and receivers other than Bess and Bush seemed like they couldn't get open. I know the Texans maybe didn't allow Tannehill to have as much time as he would have liked, but you have to help the rookie out by getting open.

The final seven minutes of the first half were terrible to watch. The Dolphins threw two picks and fumbled in their own territory. Houston turned these opportunities into three touchdowns. That was game, set and match after that.

Secondary is a concern as Andre Johnson able to do whatever he wanted to, all day long. He had eight catches for 119 yards and one touchdown. Yes I know he is Andre Johnson, but the Dolphins failed to slow him down at any point during the game. Sean Smith, Richard Marshall, and Nolan Carroll will be playing the Oakland Raiders receivers next week, so that will be a much easier challenge.


Everyone knows the Dolphins are a young team and they will take their lumps during the season. I would tell Dolphin fans not to freak out over one game because the Texans are one of the best teams in the NFL.

The Dolphins can beat the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. The Raiders looked as badly as the Dolphins against a team that wasn't as good as the Texans. This is a big game for both teams, so I expect a really good game.

Raiders secondary is not good at all, so Tannehill and Bush should have much better games than against Houston.

Dolphin fans, Phins up and stay positive.

Obama pokes fun at Dolphins

President Obama poked a little fun at the Miami Dolphins today. On a Florida morning radio show Obama said he saw a little bit of the HBO Show Hard Knocks and mentioned that Miami didn't win a preseason game.

CLICK HERE for the full text.

Fins Close '7-11"

The Miami Dolphins have released Chris Hogan. Linebacker Sammy Brown was also let go.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Roster Moves

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting the Dolphins have signed WR Brian Tyms to the practice squad. They have also signed DT Chase Alexcih to the practice squad as well.

To me this is a sign that Naanee might be cut and Fuller or Matthews will get promoted to the 53 man roster.

Rough Sunday to say the least

Well, we all knew it was a rebuilding year so no Dolphins fan should be shocked at the outcome. Not to mention Houston is really really good and a legit Super Bowl contender. But before I get into the negatives let's talk about the positives. First Reggie Bush ran the ball really well. Nobody can knock him anymore as a "specialty back" or anything like that. He is an every down running back. Last year looks like it wasn't a fluke. Second, I thought the defense played outstanding. Yes Miami gave up 30pts but a couple of those drives Houston started near or inside the redzone off a turnover. That offense with Schaub, Foster, Andre Johnson, and Owen Daniels is elite and Miami's defense had pressure on the QB and really didn't get burned all that much. Also, a punt return for a touchdown, when was the last time a Dolphin did that? I can't even remember when and I have seen every game for 20 years.

The bad, look we know you can't have that many batted balls at the line of scrimmage. It's part the offensive line's fault and part Tannehill's fault. Either way they have to correct that. By the way, watching a few other games on DIRECTV yesterday I saw a ton of balls batted at the line of scrimmage. I think Skelton and Wilson had about 7 or 8 total in the Arizona/Seattle game. This is a thing some defenses are now practicing and working on so don't overreact. The offensive line wasn't great either overall.

I know most Dolphins fans are disappointed and some are downright mad (which I don't understand.) We knew this was a rebuilding year with a rookie QB. What we saw yesterday was a QB "taking his lumps." I know its tough but trust me the payoff for games like this is coming. Troy Aikman's 1-15 rookie season wasn't pretty. I could give a laundry list of QB's who's rookie years weren't pretty.Might be in December or it might be next year, but there will be a payoff. It's better to have Tannehill learn on the field. And if you think Tannehill, a pre-med student, can't fix small things like batted balls and staring down receivers you are a fool. Miami just needs to stay the course. There are gonna be some ugly plays and some ugly games but keep the kid out there no matter how bad it gets. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 1 Inactives for Dolphins

Per Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald: Lamar Miller, Will Yeatman, Pat Devlin, Sammy Brown, Ray Feinga, Michael Egnew, Ricshard Matthews.

Ken's Season Predictions

I'm not going to be as extensive as Mike, mainly because I agree with most of his picks except:

AFC East
New England 12-4
Buffalo 8-8
Miami 5-11
NY Jets 4-12

And in the Super Bowl: Green Bay over Houston

Houston vs Miami Game Preview

In the NFL no team is as good as their press clippings and no team is as ever as bad as they are perceived. Right now in the media Houston is the second coming of the Walsh/Montana 49ers and the Dolphins have no shot in any game all year and should just join the ACC for football. It's laughable, nobody can just be good and nobody can just be OK. It's either you are the greatest team that ever lived or you are the worst team ever assembled.

Houston is clearly a better team on paper than Miami. They have an edge at QB and WR by a mile. With Foster dinged up the running backs might be a push. Bush/Thomas are two very capable backs and even if Foster was healthy they edge wouldn't be that big in my opinion. On the offensive line the Texans have a huge issue at right tackle that Miami can and will exploit. The Dolphins offensive line isn't as bad as some fans are making it out to be. Jerry and Martin on the right side will do fine and Jake Long is healthy and playing. Brian Hartline is back and Anthony Amrstrong while not the next Jerry Rice is better than everyone Miami just cut a week ago.

On defense Houston has to replace Mario Williams and until they prove they have in my book they haven't. This isn't the same Houston defense from last year. Yes, its a good defense and an above average defense but it's not the same Houston defense from 2011. Miami's front 7 once again looks like an elite NFL unit. The problem for Miami comes in the secondary and who will those cornerbacks be. Can Nolan Carroll step up as a #3 CB? If so that answers a lot of questions for the Dolphins.  Nolan has to do this though and that has yet to be seen.

Let's be frank though, this game comes down to one man and that is Ryan Tannehill. Whether Miami gets blown out, loses by a little, or actually wins it falls on Tannehill. If Tannehill plays well Miami can hang around and have it be a game in the 4th quarter. If he plays poorly or has a rough rookie debut well then it could be ugly. I think the Fins hang around though and keep it a game in the 4th quarter but come up a little short.

Houston 24   Miami 20

Season Predictions

I have been meaning to write this article all week but didn't have the time so here are my season predictions for the upcoming 2012 season.

AFC East
1) NE
2) Miami (YES I mean that)
3) Buffalo
4) NYJ

AFC North
1) Baltimore
2) Pittsburgh*(wild card team)
3) Cincy
4) Browns

AFC South
1) Houston
2) Tenn* (wild card team)
3) Indy
4) Jax

AFC West
1) San Diego
2) Denver
3) KC

NFC East
1) Philly
2) NY Giants
3) Dallas
4) Washington

NFC North
1) GB
2) Chicago *(wild card team)
3) Detroit
4) Minny

NFC South
1) Atlanta
2) New Orleans*(wild card team)
3) Tampa
4) Carolina

NFC West
1) SF
2) Seattle
3) Arizona
4) St. Louis

Super Bowl
Green Bay over New England

Game Prediction

A new era will begin today for the Miami Dolphins. Today will be new head coach Joe Philbin's first game as an NFL head coach and the Dolphins will have a rookie quarterback under center to start the season for the first time in team history. That rookie as we all know is Ryan Tannehill, who many thought would need to sit for at least a year before taking over. An injury to David Garrard, Matt Moore's less than stellar play in the pre-season and Tannehill's sometimes solid performance changed all that. But his first game is going to be no easy task.

The Dolphins travel to Houston to kick off the 2012 season and have a lot of history going against them. They are 3-7 in their last 10 road openers and, of course, 0-6 against the Texans. Houston has one of the better teams in the AFC as well as one of the better defenses. With Jake Long is coming off of a knee injury, rookie Jonathan Martin struggling at times at right tackle and underachiever John Jerry at right guard, the offensive line could have a long day. The Dolphins best receiver is slot man Devon Bess. I think the Texans will dare Tannehill to beat them in the air and crowd the line to shut down the running game.

The defense will have a tough task as well. The Texans have one of the better running games and then there is WR Andre Johnson, who Miami has always had a tough time with. I hope Miami does something they have not done in the past and that is to find a way to make sure their best corner, Sean Smith is on Johnson at all times.

In the end, I think it will be a long day for Philbin and Tannehill. The Texans are just too much for Miami right now.

Houston 31 Miami 13 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Number Switch for some Players

Finsiders host Jesse Agler is reporting that Lamar Miller has switched his number to #26 and offensive lineman Will Yeatman is now wearing #72.

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting the Dolphins signed linebacker Jonathan Freeney from the practice squad to the 53 man roster to fill the final open spot on the roster.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dolphins Captain situation

Joe Philbin today said that captains will  be chosen week to week by the coaching staff and permanent captains will not be selected until the team makes the playoffs. No word on who will be the Week 1 captains for the team this week. My guess will be the usual guys though of Reggie Bush and Jake Long. It will be interesting to see if Karlos Dansby is selected though as his big mouth hasn't stopped running all offseason and he has had some strong words towards the organization. I guess tune in Sunday afternoon and find out though.

Honestly while I like Joe Philbin and buy into his system and what he is trying to do with this team I am not sure I am into the "new captains" each week. Especially with the coaches deciding who will be captains. I think that is something that should be left up the players. You know the guys on the field actually getting hit and taking a beating. They should be able to pick who they feel their leaders are between the lines.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dolphins go up in Value

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald wrote an interesting piece about how the Miami Dolphins through these tough years of late have actually increased in their overall value. Forbes Magazine has set the Dolphins value at $1.06 billion. The problem is Stephen Ross purchased the Dolphins for $1.1 billion. Armando points out though, don't feel sorry for Ross as he is still the 367th richest person in the world! Yes, THE WORLD!

Long and Jerry return to practice

Jake Long and Jon Jerry returned to practice on Wednesday and are both expected to start Sunday. Miami's offensive line depth is an issue and they need both players on the field badly.

Dolphins reach out to Jake Scott...again!

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting that after placing Art Hicks on IR the Dolphins called Jake Scott to ask what weight he is now at. The Fins brought Scott in for 2 visits this offseason but didn't sign him. Now that they are short depth wise on the offensive line they are inquiring about Jake again. If Miami makes a move on Jake it wouldn't be until after Week 1 when his contract isn't fully guaranteed for the entire season.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fins lose Art Hicks for the season

The Dolphins today placed starting right guard Art Hicks on IR, he is out for the season. To replace him they re-signed Ray Feinga. According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald Hicks started getting neck pain after the Tampa Bay preseason game. The doctors aren't sure if its nerve damage or muscular in nature. He will be flying to LA for a second opinion soon.

This means the options for Miami at right guard are Jon Jerry and Josh Samuda. Do not be shocked in the least if Miami starts Samuda and has two rookies starting on the right side of their offensive line. Oh yeah they would be protecting a rookie QB.

David Garrard Released by Dolphins

ESPN is reporting the Miami Dolphins have released QB David Garrard.

Miami couldn't carry 4 quarterbacks and Garrard made the most sense to let go. Once teams like Philly and New England began cutting quarterbacks like Hoyer and Kafkta it took away all leverage Miami had to trade Matt Moore. Why would a team give up a pick to get a QB when they can just sign one for free. Keeping Moore made the most sense since he became impossible to move.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fins work out another CB

Dov Kleiman is reporting the Dolphins have worked out former Falcons CB Dominique Franks

Dolphins are working out Jabar Gaffney today

According to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, the Miami Dolphins are going to work out Jabar Gaffney later today.

The Dolphins are in desperate need of a another wide receiver and Gaffney could help. He caught 68 passes for 947 yards and five touchdowns for the Redskins last year.

Gaffney signed a two-year contract with the New England Patriots in the offseason, but he was released by the team on August 27.

If he signs with the Dolphins, he could quickly become the teams number one receiver.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Miami Dolphins announce their Practice Squad

The 2012 Practice Squad is Anderson Russell, Jeff Fuller, Chandler Burden, Jonathan Freeny, Chris Hogan, Josh Kaddu, Andrew McDonald, and Diondre Pressley.

Announcers for Dolphins games Weeks 1-4

The first 4 games of the season will be on CBS. Here is who will be Broadcasting those Dolphins games

Week 1 @ HOU - #3 Team - Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts
Week 2 vs OAK - #5 Team - Kevin Harlan, Solomon Wilcots
Week 3 vs NYJ - #4 Team - Marv Albert, Rich Gannon
Week 4 @ ARZ - #6 Team - Bill Macatee, Steve Tasker

Newest Dolphins WR Anthony Armstrong

While 2011 was a season to forget for WR Anthony Armstrong his 2010 season he was very productive. He caught 44 balls for 871 yards and 3 touchdowns. Here is a little highlight video.

Gates And Sparano Together Again

Former Dolphin WR Clyde Gates was signed by the NY Jets yesterday, reuniting him with former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano, who is now the offensive coordinator for the Jets. Gates was a 2011 4th round pick.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dolphins Claim 4 players

The Miami Dolphins were awarded 4 players off of Waivers today. They are

WR Anthony Armstrong (Wash)
CB RJ Stanford (Carolina)
S Troy Nolan (Hou)
OLB Sammy Brown (Rams)

To make room the Dolphins had to cut 4 players. They are Josh Kaddu, Tyrone Culver, Steve Slaton, and Jonathan Freeney.

Chad Johnson's wife speaks on Chad Headbutting her