Dolphins Captain situation

Joe Philbin today said that captains will  be chosen week to week by the coaching staff and permanent captains will not be selected until the team makes the playoffs. No word on who will be the Week 1 captains for the team this week. My guess will be the usual guys though of Reggie Bush and Jake Long. It will be interesting to see if Karlos Dansby is selected though as his big mouth hasn't stopped running all offseason and he has had some strong words towards the organization. I guess tune in Sunday afternoon and find out though.

Honestly while I like Joe Philbin and buy into his system and what he is trying to do with this team I am not sure I am into the "new captains" each week. Especially with the coaches deciding who will be captains. I think that is something that should be left up the players. You know the guys on the field actually getting hit and taking a beating. They should be able to pick who they feel their leaders are between the lines.