Houston vs Miami Game Preview

In the NFL no team is as good as their press clippings and no team is as ever as bad as they are perceived. Right now in the media Houston is the second coming of the Walsh/Montana 49ers and the Dolphins have no shot in any game all year and should just join the ACC for football. It's laughable, nobody can just be good and nobody can just be OK. It's either you are the greatest team that ever lived or you are the worst team ever assembled.

Houston is clearly a better team on paper than Miami. They have an edge at QB and WR by a mile. With Foster dinged up the running backs might be a push. Bush/Thomas are two very capable backs and even if Foster was healthy they edge wouldn't be that big in my opinion. On the offensive line the Texans have a huge issue at right tackle that Miami can and will exploit. The Dolphins offensive line isn't as bad as some fans are making it out to be. Jerry and Martin on the right side will do fine and Jake Long is healthy and playing. Brian Hartline is back and Anthony Amrstrong while not the next Jerry Rice is better than everyone Miami just cut a week ago.

On defense Houston has to replace Mario Williams and until they prove they have in my book they haven't. This isn't the same Houston defense from last year. Yes, its a good defense and an above average defense but it's not the same Houston defense from 2011. Miami's front 7 once again looks like an elite NFL unit. The problem for Miami comes in the secondary and who will those cornerbacks be. Can Nolan Carroll step up as a #3 CB? If so that answers a lot of questions for the Dolphins.  Nolan has to do this though and that has yet to be seen.

Let's be frank though, this game comes down to one man and that is Ryan Tannehill. Whether Miami gets blown out, loses by a little, or actually wins it falls on Tannehill. If Tannehill plays well Miami can hang around and have it be a game in the 4th quarter. If he plays poorly or has a rough rookie debut well then it could be ugly. I think the Fins hang around though and keep it a game in the 4th quarter but come up a little short.

Houston 24   Miami 20