Jeff Ireland calls fan an a$$hole

Jeff Ireland is not the most popular man in Miami these days, but this story really is a non-story if you ask me. On Sunday a fan walked up to Ireland in the stadium and told Jeff he should fire himself. As he was walking away Jeff called the fan an "a$$hole." Now the fan is upset and the story has gone public. 

To me the fan is an a$$hole and should just shut up. You can't walk around in public going up to people acting like a jerk and expect to be treated with respect. While Ireland should not have said what he said, its also not that big a deal. There are many ways you can voice your displeasure with Jeff Ireland. Don't buy a ticket and avoid going to games, call in any number of sports talk radio shows in South Florida and let your voice be heard, send an email or a letter to the Dolphins offices, hell stand outside the offices and hold a sign and protest. The one thing you can't do is go out in public and act like a total jerk and be confrontational. 

The fan is an a$$hole! Case closed.