Packers thinking of trading Jennings? Miami landing spot?

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that with Greg Jennings in the final year of his contract the Packers should consider trading WR Greg Jennings for a 2nd round draft pick before the NFL Trade deadline. This is pure speculation on McGinn's part but Bob McGinn is a highly respected NFL beat writer and does have his finger on the pulse of the Packers organization and I am sure he didn't just pull this out of thin air.

With the emergence of Randall Cobb and James Jones in Green Bay, the fact Jennings is currently dinged up/injured, and that he is going to walk at the end of the year and the Pack will get nothing for him,  it makes perfect sense for GB to consider moving him. Oh, and the Dolphins have an extra 2nd round draft pick and they are in need of a WR in the worst way. And this Jennings guy has played for Philbin before and knows the offense.

Something to keep an eye on Dolphins Fans. Just something to keep an eye on!