Raiders vs Dolphins Preview

Ok, so Week 1 was unfortunatly what we all expected. Houston was an elite team that is far superior to Miami. The Dolphins hung tough for the most part but those damn tipped balls did the Dolphins in. Now the Dolphins open up at home and have a team that is custom made for the Dolphins to get a win against.
There are not going to be many weeks this year which you as a Dolphins fan can go into a game and feel like this team has a legitimate chance to win. This is one of those weeks. First and foremost you can’t ask for a better situation. The Raiders are coming off a Monday night game and a short week, flying cross-country and playing a 1pm game. With the September South Florida heat and humidity! Miami is helped by these intangibles. It by no means guarantees a win but it is something that heavily tilts the advantage towards the Fins.
On the field the Raiders are hurting as their best CB Ron Bartell is out and won’t be playing. Now, Miami might not have a WR who can take advantage of that but I do think if there is ever a week where the Fins can be successful in the passing game this might be it. Putting the tipped passes to the side for a minute, Tannehill was pretty good Week 1 vs a great Houston defense. He made the correct throws and didn’t try and do too much. He is limited because he has little help but he is going to be limited all year. What the coaches need to do this week is expand the playbook. Have Tannehill roll out of the pocket and throw on the run, attempt to throw some deep passes (tough with this WR corp,) and maybe even a little razzle dazzle to generate a big plays or some easy points. Daniel Thomas is out and we will probably get our first look at Lamar Miller this week as well.
On defense I thought the Dolphins played very well last week. The defensive line was outstanding and had pressure on Schaub all day. Koa Misi, my god with 11 tackles did he look like a new player in this defense. And I thought the secondary was solid for the most part. Carson Palmer is a middle of the road QB, the Raiders WR's are banged up and not healthy at all, and McFadden, while a great player, will be the guy the Dolphins can pay all their attention too this week as the Raiders offense is probably as bad as Miami's right now.
I see this game as a team with two offenses that will struggle to score points, so I go with who has the better defense and I think Miami does.  Which is why I pick them to win this week.

Miami 20   Oakland 16