Rough Sunday to say the least

Well, we all knew it was a rebuilding year so no Dolphins fan should be shocked at the outcome. Not to mention Houston is really really good and a legit Super Bowl contender. But before I get into the negatives let's talk about the positives. First Reggie Bush ran the ball really well. Nobody can knock him anymore as a "specialty back" or anything like that. He is an every down running back. Last year looks like it wasn't a fluke. Second, I thought the defense played outstanding. Yes Miami gave up 30pts but a couple of those drives Houston started near or inside the redzone off a turnover. That offense with Schaub, Foster, Andre Johnson, and Owen Daniels is elite and Miami's defense had pressure on the QB and really didn't get burned all that much. Also, a punt return for a touchdown, when was the last time a Dolphin did that? I can't even remember when and I have seen every game for 20 years.

The bad, look we know you can't have that many batted balls at the line of scrimmage. It's part the offensive line's fault and part Tannehill's fault. Either way they have to correct that. By the way, watching a few other games on DIRECTV yesterday I saw a ton of balls batted at the line of scrimmage. I think Skelton and Wilson had about 7 or 8 total in the Arizona/Seattle game. This is a thing some defenses are now practicing and working on so don't overreact. The offensive line wasn't great either overall.

I know most Dolphins fans are disappointed and some are downright mad (which I don't understand.) We knew this was a rebuilding year with a rookie QB. What we saw yesterday was a QB "taking his lumps." I know its tough but trust me the payoff for games like this is coming. Troy Aikman's 1-15 rookie season wasn't pretty. I could give a laundry list of QB's who's rookie years weren't pretty.Might be in December or it might be next year, but there will be a payoff. It's better to have Tannehill learn on the field. And if you think Tannehill, a pre-med student, can't fix small things like batted balls and staring down receivers you are a fool. Miami just needs to stay the course. There are gonna be some ugly plays and some ugly games but keep the kid out there no matter how bad it gets.