Time for the Fans to Step Up: Buy A Ticket!

If you don't live in South Florida then this little rant I am about to go on doesn't apply to you. If you do live in South Florida, listen up!

As Dolphins fans we have been through misery the last decade or so. Yes there was 2008 and that "miracle run to the division title" but that was kind of a fluke and most of us knew it. Dolphins fans have had a million and one reasons to bitch and moan, and in many cases rightly so, over the last decade. Having head coaches quit on us, having the franchise ignore the quarterback position time after time, having to put up with Ricky Williams and Brandon Marshall off the field drama that gave the organization and fan-base a black eye and look silly, Cullpepper over Brees, I mean I could sit here all day and list this stuff. Through all of that we saw something last week we haven't seen in a while, we saw "HOPE."

Does one win over a bad Raiders team mean everything is going to be great now? NO, I'm not going to try and sell you that. But what we saw last week was maybe the early stages of a legit turnaround this time.This team maybe has finally found their franchise QB, this defense is maybe the best run defense in the entire league shutting down McFadden and really not letting Foster go off the week before on them, this team maybe has the right coaching staff in place who understands the current NFL product. Not to mention, what last weeks win set up is a BIG September home game vs a hated division rival this week vs the Jets.

Time for the fans to STEP UP and go to the games! 

If you live in South Florida and aren't buying tickets because you hate Jeff Ireland and think not buying a ticket will get Ireland fired; wake up! You are not only clueless but you are only hurting yourself. Ireland's fate rests with wins and losses and not fanny's in seats. You aren't proving anything to anyone or sending a message. 

Look I know the economy is tough and if its a decision between paying the rent or going to a football game, of course don't be silly pay the friggin rent. I am directing this towards the people who can afford to go to the games but are deciding not to for some reason.

Look if you are reading this you are a Miami Dolphins fan and odds are you are a "Die-Hard Fan" considering you are following the team on a team dedicated fan-site like this one. If you live in South Florida and can't get excited enough to actually go to a meaningful Week 3 HOME game between the Dolphins and Jets, then why the hell do you come to websites like this all year round? Why the hell do you spend so much time following this team? If you live in South Florida and are a big Dolphins fan you should live for games like this.

It's early in the season, the Dolphins are at home vs the stinking NY Jets! The Fins are coming off a win, the Jets are coming off a loss. A Dolphins win here can throw the Jets season into a free-fall.  If you can afford to get your ass to Sun Life Stadium on Sunday and go to the damn game, DO IT! Support this team! Don't have a silly wait and see attitude or refuse to go because you are pissed Ireland is still here. Seriously, that is ridiculous. As a fan we play a small role in things but it is a role nonetheless.  Hell tickets can't be any cheaper, you can get tickets for like $60 now, CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE. Hell just go and buy a ticket on the street outside the same for probably less than $60. Buy the cheapest ticket you can just to get in the door then go sit anywhere. Lord knows there will be enough empty seats. Point is, get to the stadium! 

Time for the fans to be part of the solution and not part of the problem!