What did we learn from Sunday's loss?

Sunday's lost to the Jets was painful but after a couple days and after re-watching the game I think we learned a couple things about this team. First and foremost let's get one thing out of the way; Ryan Tannehill is NOT the problem with this offense. I don't care what the stats say and I don't care how his stats match up to the other starting QB's in the league to me its all silly and means nothing. Why? Because Tannehill has zero weapons around him. The Dolphins WR's are marginal at best, with an injured Reggie Bush and him off the field the Dolphins have marginal back-up RB's. Throw in Fassano who is a so-so tight end and Tannehill is handcuffed. And even with all of those handcuffs Tannehill still (yes he still) led a game tying and a game winning drive in overtime (if Carpenter makes the kick.)

Think about this for a second, if Carpenter makes that kick the story of Sunday's game is how Ryan Tannehill led a game winning drive vs a good Jets defense with no Reggie Bush and no WR's that are any good. That is the story if Carpenter makes a kick. Soak that in, Tannehill and the Dolphins would be 2-1 and Tannehill would be the next "big thing" QB for working his magic on a team that has no weapons around him.

Look, Tannehill isn't perfect, he threw a pick-6 and he he has to protect the ball in that situation better. Tannehill will still make his rookie mistakes and that is fine, but fact of the matter is Ryan Tannehill is NOT the problem with this team right now. The Dolphins have no WR's and when they face good defenses like the Jets, Houston, SF, Arizona..etc they are going to struggle as an offensive unit.

Another thing we learned is that this Dolphins defense is better. Through 3 games this switch to a 4-3 defense is better than anyone could have imagined. The secondary is getting interceptions and maybe the "sack" numbers aren't there but this front 4 is getting a lot of pressure on QB's and making QB's uncomfortable. If these replacement refs actually called offensive holding I think Wake could be really causing some more havoc even though he isn't getting sacks per say.

Currently Pro Football Focus has Karlos Dansby ranked as the 2nd best MLB in 2012, Reshad Jones as as the 3rd best safety, Chris Clemons as the 8th best safety, and Randy Starks as the 5th best defensive tackle.

Bottom line is going forward is it's gonna be a rough year. I think we will see more games like we saw on Sunday where the defense plays lights out and the Fins offense struggles. I expect that this week vs Arizona, I expect it vs Cincinnati the following week. I expect it most weeks. But, don't let the stats fool you and don't fall for the negative nancy fans. This all isn't on Tannehill! I don't care what the stats say, use the ole eyeball test. Tannehill is passing with flying colors. Hell Kurt Warner has said that RGIII and Tannehill are the class of the 2012 Rookie QB class (and no he didn't forget Luck.) Trent Dilfer has said that Tannehill has the highest ceiling of any of the rookie QB's and he has liked him the most thus far. Stats never tell the whole story and this is a classic case of it.

Miami might only win 2 or 3 or 4 games this year, but it won't be because Ryan Tannehill is the problem. It's because the front office didn't put anyone around him. Which is a different story for a different day.