Dolphins Crush Jets

Miami 30 NY Jets 9. And it wasn't really that close. Miami dominated the Jets in every way possible. On offense, defense and special teams. Special team play was really special today. A blocked punt for a touchdown. A blocked field goal. An onside kick recovery. A 57 yard kickoff return. You can't get better play from your special teams than Miami got today.

The Dolphins defense shut down the Jets offense until late in the game when it was all but over. On offense, with Ryan Tannehill injured, Matt Moore took over and didn't miss a beat. Moore was very efficient and ran the offense like had been there all year. Without a doubt, this is the best the Dolphins have played this season.

If the Phins continue to play at a high level like this, there is no doubt they will be included in the playoff hunt. Their next four games (at Indy, Tenn, at Buffalo and Seattle) are all very winnable. They could head into December with an 8-3 record. A 3-2 record in December would give them an 11-5 mark which would likely give them at least a wild card berth. 11-5 might be a stretch, but 10-6 isn't and that would probably be good enough to land a wild card berth also.