Fins-Bengals Preview

I see this as a tough spot for the Dolphins this week. Not so much because Cincinnati is a tough team, I think they are a middle of the pack team in all honesty. I see it as a tough game because of two reasons; travel and match-up's. The Dolphins flew cross country to Arizona and lost a heart breaker then flew back across the country home. Now have to fly up to Ohio for this game. That's a lot of travel over the course of a week and will this team have dead legs at some point? That is the question.

Match-up wise the Dolphins appear to be playing without Richard Marshall and the Fins weak CB's will have a nightmare of a time with the big-time Cincinnati passing attack. AJ Green might give the Dolphins a lot of trouble. Jermaine Gresham who is a quality tight end might finally break out this week too for Cincinnati.  The Dolphins run-defense has stopped everyone this year and that should continue this week as I don't see Green-Ellis doing much of anything against the Dolphins front 7.

Other side of the ball the Dolphins gameplan is simple. Run the ball, control the clock to keep the Bengals passing attack on the sidelines and don't turn the ball over. Tannehill must improve on protecting the football this week. He is a young rookie so I haven't gotten on him too much for the turnovers early in the year, it's part of the process and part of the growing pains. But as we go forward we need to see him reduce the number of those each week. Also we need the Reggie Bush from weeks 1-3 and NOT the Reggie Bush of last week. Hopefully Reggie is healthy and back to his old self. You can run on the Bengals and I think Reggie could have a big day against them.

Even with the travel, even with the match-up problems the Bengals passing attack poses for the Fins, I have a funny feeling about this one. I think the Dolphins might find a way this week.

Dolphins 20  Bengals 17