Fins-Jets Prediction

Game Day is here and its a big one this week folks. No two ways about it. Dolphins at Jets the weather might be bad and the game has huge importance to each squad.

The ware of words has been going on all week and this one should be nasty with a lot of pushing and shoving after the whistle. I expect to see 3 or 4 personal foul calls in this game at the least.

The Jets offense is nothing special and with 2 weeks to prepare I expect Miami to be able to have success on defense. The Jets running backs are poor, check that they are flat out bad right now. The Dolphins run defense is great so this is a huge advantage for the Fins. With no Holmes the Jets group of WR's are ordinary to say the least and nothing special. While Miami's secondary is playing well this year they still have moments where they give up the big play now and then. Expect the Jets to throw alot to Dustin Keller and expect to see a lot of Tebow this week. I think this is the week where the Jets let Tebow do more. I also think we could see a trick play or two from the Jets offense to try and generate some chunk yards and points.

Other side of the ball should be a lot fun to watch. The war of words between Pouncey/Bush and the Jets defense has gone on for a week now.The Jets are horrible at stopping the run but let's be fair and the Dolphins haven't been the same running the ball since Reggie injured his knee. Is this the week we see the old Reggie Bush finally? The Reggie Bush who tore it up the first couple games of the season? Let's hope so. The "X-FACTOR" for Miami should be Davone Bess. Cromartie can't cover everyone so even if he takes Hartline out of the game, the Jets have nobody who can stay with Bess. Fasano might play a large role this week as well.

But let's be honest this will probably be a tight game like the last time they played and it will come down to a kick or two most likely. Can Dan Carpenter come through this time? Let's hope so!

MIAMI 19  JETS  17